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Announcing automated actions: automation for your hiring process

August 7, 2019

Announcing automated actions: automation for your hiring process

Today we’re announcing automated actions: helpful automations that trigger when you move a candidate from one stage to the next.

As a recruiter, you’re expected to respond to candidates quickly, moving candidates through the pipeline as quickly as possible without losing the personal touch.

But because of the repetitive, manual tasks built into the hiring process, many recruiters waste time on admin rather than connecting with the candidates in their pipeline. This can make work feel chaotic and overwhelming, making it hard to keep up.

Automated actions allow you to save time by automating the repetitive sets of actions you take each time a candidate is moved in your hiring pipeline – like requesting an evaluation from your team members. We have today released 7 actions for your pipeline stages – this initial range of stage actions allows you to send messages, add notes, add tasks for team members, request evaluations from team members, add followers to a candidate, and assign tasks to your hiring team.


Pick the actions that are most important to you and organize your hiring pipelines the way you want. 

As you can add multiple actions per stage, or disqualify reason, the combinations are endless. Want to get started? Here are some of our favorite ways to use automated actions in your pipelines:

Send an email after disqualifying a candidate, while adding them to a talent pool

As a recruiter, you want to keep a complete record of applicants and candidates. Capturing structured data around why a candidate was rejected from a job will help refine your recruiting practices.

Automated actions for each disqualify reason

With this rule you can send them an email informing them about the reason why you chose not to move forward with them, while assigning them to a talent pool. Because you new know when a candidate may resurface in the future!

Request an evaluation from your team members when moving a candidate to a phone interview

After you move a candidate to a phone interview, you don’t want to waste time chasing team members to make sure they evaluate the candidate as well. With this rule, your team members will receive a notification that they will need to evaluate the selected candidates as soon as possible.

Collect feedback from all members of your hiring team

Since that took you hardly any time at all, you can now spend a few minutes planning and making sure your team gets the most out of the interview.

Add tags to candidates automatically when they apply

You can already add tags to jobs, but you can also add them automatically to the candidates that apply to that job. This makes it easier to search for candidates when you are circling back to previous prospective candidates.


You can find these actions and many more in your default pipeline, the pipelines of your jobs and disqualify reasons. And even better yet,  we have more coming. 

If you feel that an action is missing, you can always chat with us via the Messenger in Recruitee or learn more about how automated actions work in our Help Center.

Stefanos is the Product Marketing Manager at Recruitee. His mission is to help the company in its recruitment tech revolution by spreading the word about latest product developments.