Customer Stories

At Recruitee, we like to highlight our talent acquisition heroes. Through customer stories, our talent acquisition heroes share their strategies, tactics, and secrets to building diverse teams, future-proofing their recruitment and enabling great decisions through tech.

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Hiring with Mopinion

October 11, 2018 Customer Stories

The customer experience industry changes as other industries grow with their customers, which means there is always room for innovation and improvement within this space. This is something...

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Hiring with Tiqets

October 11, 2018 Customer Stories

Back in 2013, four Dutch entrepreneurs got together with the one single goal of changing how people could visit museums, shows, and cultural attractions. The outcome? A company...

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Hiring with Isentia

October 11, 2018 Customer Stories

Isentia’s HR director says, “It’s almost polar opposite where you either know about us and what we do, or you’ve never heard about us.” Working in the media...

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Hiring with Zomato

October 11, 2018 Customer Stories

Going out to eat? You may have used Zomato, an online platform designed to help people find the best restaurant, bar, or cafe around. They’re experts in helping...

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Hiring with Hotjar

October 11, 2018 Customer Stories

Hotjar has come a long way since it’s early beginnings and has quickly gained worldwide traction, becoming a real leader in the Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) space. Founded...