Digital recruitment: hiring for a global workforce

Digital recruitment is only getting started. Switching to a digital strategy may seem obvious. After all, *NSYNC’s hit song “Digital Get Down” was released in 2000. So why are we still talking about getting digital? The truth is, we are still far from normalizing digital recruitment.

Only 170 companies in the entire United States operate completely in a virtual environment. This is up from the staggering 26 calculated in 2014. However, with advancements in technology and increasing awareness of work/life balance possibilities in young professionals, digital recruitment will become a necessity for most companies.

It’s time to start thinking about digital recruitment strategies. And it will benefit more than just the employees! Employers reap the benefits of a virtual workforce, as well. Some of these benefits include:

Digital Recruitment Benefits

7 benefits of digital recruitment

  • Increase in worker productivity
  • Decrease in absenteeism
  • Less burnout and, therefore, less turnover
  • Higher company morale
  • Lower office costs and, therefore, less impact on the environment
  • Wider talent pools
  • Better employer branding

These are all selling points that you can make as an employer! Potential candidates are likely to appreciate these benefits over the ever-popular ping pong tables. From eco-friendly options to better work/life balance, digital recruitment is a smart step in the right direction. You will see an uptick in candidates along with improved employee performance. What are you waiting for?

Digital recruitment vs. “regular” recruitment

On-site interviews and employees dominate the game. You have to prepare for remote hiring a bit before jumping in! However, the adjustments you must make are worth it. You don’t have to completely forgo regular recruitment tactics. Digital recruitment adds just in a couple of tweaks.

These digital recruitment tweaks include:

This will, of course, vary depending on the tech skills of your current team. And it can vary by situation and geographical location.

The perfect remote candidate

Remote employees will look a little different than on-site ones. And no, we don’t mean physically (although they are sort of invisible, in that sense!). To make up for their “invisibility”, remote workers must have different characteristics that allow them to work digitally, effectively. A few examples of things to look for during digital recruitment are:

  • Self-discipline
  • Results-based tasks
  • Less need for supervision and micro-management
  • Great written communication skills
  • Tech setup and knowledge
  • Flexibility in schedule and thinking
  • Time management

While these skills are important for every employee, they become more pertinent when you are recruiting remotely. There are certain people that thrive in digital environments. However, a willingness to learn is invaluable. Core personality changes are difficult to make, but it’s possible to change your nature.

However, potential talent has to be already well on their way to making this change for the digital relationship to work well! You, as the employer and/or recruiter, will also have to switch up your mindset a bit in order for digital recruitment to be successful. Is it possible that these changes will come more quickly in the future?

Making the switch: fully virtual

It may seem to you like a giant leap to become a fully virtual team. However, it’s not necessary to be fully virtual. What you can do, though, is taking steps to ensure that you could operate completely online if need be!

While there may be some companies that this is impossible for (think: bakeries), there are at least whole departments that you can focus on moving online. It’s crucial to get everyone on your team using the same tech. Keep a digital trail of projects using apps like Asana and Slack. This way, data silos are avoided, and you are all on the same page (remote or otherwise).

Slack used for recruiting

You can become a fully virtual team if you’d like to! It’s not outside the realm of possibility anymore. A digital recruitment mindset is the first step to change.

The first steps to digital recruitment

There are several steps that you can take to ensure your digital recruitment efforts are not in vain. Here are some insider tips:

  • Learn from other successful virtual teams, like Hotjar
  • Introduce new tech and get the team on board
  • Make your core values appear on your careers site
  • List skills for potential remote employees
  • Get collaborative with recruitment (talent acquisition software makes this easier)
  • Keep an open mind!

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