TA Innovators Radio x Eric Carroll-Stonehewer: Does diversity equal inclusion in the workplace?

Creating a diverse workforce and enriching company culture

Diversity in the workplace doesn’t necessarily mean inclusivity in the workplace. Yes, making diversity a priority is important; but so is the next logical step: creating a culture where people from all backgrounds feel included. Inclusivity is the key to actually maintaining, not just creating, diversity in the workplace.

In our latest podcast, Eric Carroll-Stonehewer, Talent Acquisition, and Employer Branding Specialist at Castor EDC, discusses how recruitment professionals can help support inclusion and diversity in the workplace.

Key takeaways: 

  • How to create a diverse and inclusive company culture
  • Essential elements that make it easier to attract and retain diverse talent
  • How growing companies can keep culture and values at the heart of recruitment operations 
  • The steps that Castor has actively taken to foster diversity and inclusivity in the workplace


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