How to use free job advertising to build your candidate pool

Whether you’re looking to find candidates for a permanent, temporary or freelance position, advertising your vacancy in the right spot is key to finding the perfect fit for the job.

While larger companies often have deep pockets to help source qualified candidates, many smaller companies may not have the funds to take advantage of expensive recruitment channels. That’s why free job advertising channels, instead of paid ones, are a great way for companies to build their candidate pools while keeping costs at a minimum.

When considering which free job promotion method might work best for you, it’s important to keep in mind who you’re looking for and where they’re most likely to be searching for jobs. Depending on your industry, this could be online job boards or offline channels such as trade shows or recruitment centres. Knowing your candidate will help you determine which channel is right for you and minimize the number of unqualified candidates you receive.

To help get you started, we’ve put together a list of free job advertising channels that work well for most industries.

Free job advertising sites


As one of the most popular job sites in the world, should be the first stop on any recruiter’s search for candidates. With over 200 monthly job seekers and a presence in over 60 countries, gets your job ad in front of more people than any other site.

Because of this reach, and because it offers completely free job advertising options, is perhaps the most cost-effective channel for sourcing as many qualified candidates as possible. Be sure to write and tag your job ad some that it’s easy to find using Indeed’s search and filter tools.

post jobs free

2. Ladders

While Indeed allows you to advertise for virtually any role, Ladders is specifically targeted to more senior positions with starting salaries above $100,000 USD. This makes Ladders a great tool for filling your vacant manager and executive positions, instead of going through expensive job placement agencies. You can post an unlimited number of jobs ads and search as many resumes as you like for free.

How to post jobs free on Ladder

3. PostJobFree

PostJobFree is a great way to get your post your job ads to a number of websites at the same time. This site acts as a feeder to the larger job boards like Indeed, meaning that whatever is added here will likely be picked up by a number of other free job posting sites. You can also search the PostJobFree database of resumes for candidates at no charge.

Post jobs free on PostJobsFree

4. Google for Jobs

Google for Jobs allows employers to put their job ads in front of the millions of job seekers who use the search engine on any given day. As a job ad aggregator, Google for Jobs scrapes relevant job ads from a variety of different websites and jobs boards and lists them at the top of search results.

Employers can take advantage of this free job advertisement channel by posting their vacant positions directly onto their websites and structuring the posts with the proper HTML coding syntax outlined by Google. (If you’re a Recruitee user, this is done automatically for all of your vacancies!) Job ads that are structured properly will be indexed by Google for Jobs and displayed when job seekers search for related keywords. You can also post jobs to free third-party websites that Google already indexes, such as Indeed or Glassdoor.

Google Jobs Post Jobs Free

Posting free job advertisements on social media

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

The major social media networks are great channels for posting free job ads in a somewhat more casual setting than a formal job board. While there are paid advertising options on all three of these social networks, their true power lies in industry groups, hashtags, and your own (or your colleagues’) connections.

Do some digging around on social media to find industry-specific groups, trending topics, and hashtags that relate to your business or to the individual vacancy. When you find these highly targeted groups of people, post some information about your company, and the position you’re looking to fill. This is a great way to advertise your job for free through channels that may not be tapped by the majority of employers.


Like the social media channels listed above, LinkedIn is a hotbed of industry-specific clusters of people. This has made it into one of the most reliable channels for finding qualified candidates.

As a professional website, LinkedIn users are typically much more open to discussing new opportunities – after all, that’s what the site is for! While posting actual job ads is not free on LinkedIn, you can make a lot of headway in your candidate search by posting free job descriptions on your company feed and in industry groups. You can also use LinkedIn’s search feature to find users with the skills you’re looking for, and reach out to them directly using InMail to see if they’d like to connect with you.

Want to multiply your reach on LinkedIn? Get your colleague’s to share the open position on their own LinkedIn- especially those working in the team of the prospective candidate. This way, you’ll tap into relevant networks and you may even snag a referral from your team!

Post jobs free on linkedin

Free, offline job advertising

If you’re not having any luck finding candidates through free online job advertisements, there are a number of offline options you should consider. Depending on the role you’re looking to fill and the industry you’re in, physically going to the places where your potential candidates congregate can be a powerful recruitment tactic.

For most of these options, you can combine your free job advertisements with some good, old-fashioned networking in order to create lasting connections in your community. These connections can be leveraged each time you have a vacant position to fill, giving you a consistent back channel of potential talent.

Diversify your job advertisements

While each of the free job advertising and promotion channels listed above is a great way to source candidates, you should always look to diversify where you’re advertising your vacant positions. Sourcing candidates from multiple places will help you connect with a variety of candidates in terms of skill and personality, but it will also give you great intel into which channels work best for you. And the great thing about free job advertising is that you can do these experiments at no cost to your company!

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