Recognizing and addressing hiring bias in recruitment

When you’re a recruiter, your job is to find the best candidates. However, this becomes a challenge when unconscious biases come into play. Fortunately, there are a number of strategies that you can employ in order to shut down bias before they creep in.

We held a webinar on recognizing and addressing hiring bias in recruitment with Kehsi Iman Wilson, a DE&I and social justice trainer and educator, and CEO of High Quality Talent. 

Key takeaways from the webinar: 

  • Actionable steps that employers can take to providing recruiters with education and training on the topic of biases and hiring.
  • Examined strategies to identify and manage the unconscious biases we all hold. 
  • How to make job descriptions and the hiring process more inclusive.
  • The effectiveness of blind recruitment, and whether it should be implemented. 
  • How to come up with an impersonal resume review system. 
  • Diversity and inclusion job boards that recruiters should be looking at. 

List of resources mentioned in the webinar:

  • Implicit bias test with Harvard university:

  • Diversity toolkit:

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