How to do your job promoting for free

Hiring on a tight budget is one of the most common challenges that startups are faced with. Founders often underestimate the time and costs that hiring requires. The costs of using job board for promoting your jobs can rise up rapidly. Knowing how you can do your job promoting for free can be of great help when hiring for your startup. Here are five tips to help you do your job promoting for free!

How to do your job promoting for free

1. Find free sites for job promoting

There are many websites that you can use to promote open jobs for free. Indeed and Glassdoor are two great examples of these. They are both in the top three of the most popular job sites in the US and both are completely free of charge for you to promote your open vacancies on. Try to find as many of these free job board as you can and promote your jobs on all of them. This increases the likelihood of the right candidate applying for your job. There are also some industry-specific job boards that you can use for your job promoting.

If a job board is free, there’s no reason for you to not promote your open jobs on it. Even though it can be time-consuming and sometimes frustrating, it is really worth the effort. Using an Applicant Tracking System can also help in this regard as they often allow you to post job openings to multiple free job boards with one click.

2. Use your social media

Use your personal and company LinkedIn account to share your job openings and encourage your connections to share it. Even if you don’t want to pay for LinkedIn’s job board, the platform is still very valuable for promoting job openings. If you have a large number of connections, posting a link to your career site will definitely help you to get some applications.

Sharing your job openings in LinkedIn groups can also be of great help. For example, if you’re located in London and need a PR person, why not mention it in the London PR Jobs group to see if one of the roughly 2,500 members is interested? Doing this helps you to target more specifically which can lead to more and better applicants.

Facebook can also be of great value in your job promoting efforts. You can use your company and personal page to post about any job openings you have. Facebook groups can also be very effective places to post in. There are many different communities on Facebook that have their own group. An example is our very own Talent Acquisition Innovators group on Facebook where recruiters and HR managers can join and exchange ideas. Such groups exist for other professions as well and these can be used to promote your jobs in.

So stop using social media only to look at cat videos and take advantage of its potential to fill your job openings for free.

3. Utilize your website traffic

While it may seem obvious, but using your own website traffic to get applicants is one of the most effective ways to get applicants for your job openings. Our customer, Crowdy House, uses their website to get traffic to their careers page. Almost 20% of the traffic to their careers page comes from their main site!

A career page is a very valuable asset in acquiring the best talent. It makes it easier for people to get to know what your company is like as an employer. Also, it gets indexed by search engines, making it easier for job seekers to your job openings.

Career pages are a must-have when you are looking to grow your business. Even if you do not have any job openings, a careers page should be set up to communicate your employer brand to any potential future candidates. Just having a careers page helps people to always have you in mind when they might look for a job in the future.

4. Join online discussions

The social web has opened up many new opportunities for networking, make sure you’re making the most of it. Get involved in online discussions: comment sections, twitter chats, forums. People ask questions about roles, opportunities, and companies all the time. Share your knowledge, vacancies, and opportunities. By engaging you can easily get people to apply for your open jobs.

“As it turns out, there are tons of job search resources and employment opportunities on Reddit – if you know where to look.” – Phillip Taylor-Parker, “My Secret Job Search Weapon: Reddit”, The “…er” Blog

Three popular sites you can check out are Quora (a large question/answer forum), Reddit (the self-proclaimed “front page of the internet”), and HubSpot (one of the best inbound marketing companies out there).

5. Connect with local organizations

Thinking outside the box is crucial when doing your job promoting without paying for it. A good example of free job promoting that goes beyond conventional methods is working together with institutions like local universities. Universities can be a great source for high-quality future employees or part-time employees for simpler tasks. Also, other local organizations can help you to get your vacancies out to the right people. A local hacking club or gaming club might be your key to finding your next programmer. While this method is less scalable and requires more work, it is great for small startups with little money to spend on job promoting. It also ensures that you build a personal connection with your candidates before they even apply.

6. Think creatively with your team

There are many ways that you can promote your jobs for free. This list does not contain all sources of free job promoting out there. The main point is, however, that promoting open jobs without spending much is definitely possible. It will require some time, effort, and creativity from you and your team, but the results could definitely be worth it.

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