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Hiring at Mopinion: Building a tight-knit team in a fast-growing SaaS business

Mopinion is currently one of the fastest growing companies in the digital customer experience space. With multiple top-tier companies across the globe in its client base, this customer feedback analytics software is redefining what listening to the online voice of customers really means.

Mopinion provides digital-first businesses with means to improve online performance and user experience on their websites or mobile apps using its customizable feedback forms and real-time dashboards, delivering deep insights. These insights can reveal how your business is performing in terms of digital content, online sales funnels, user experience, and customer loyalty.

So how does a startup like Mopinion select the right candidates to empower its tight-knit team? Kees Wolters, Managing Partner and Co-founder of Mopinion, provides a rundown of what its typical hiring process looks like…

The Mopinion hiring process

“Together with the appropriate team (the hiring manager and team leads), we start by gathering all of the requirements needed to fill the position and put together a job description based on those requirements. Once this is accomplished, we then start searching within our own network for candidates who may match the profile. This includes posting it on our own media channels such as the blog and social media (e.g. our LinkedIn and Facebook pages) to start capturing some attention.

The next step is to place the vacancy on our recruitment platform ( which is run by Recruitee. This is followed by the distribution of the vacancy (based on job requirements and the target group) to websites such as and LinkedIn where we can further ‘spread the word’ about the opening.

Once the applications start flowing in, the hiring manager and team leads screen them and subsequently run an invitation and selection process using Recruitee. This helps us automate tasks such as rating candidates, planning in interviews and sending out rejections to candidates.”

Narrowing down the selection

“We have four core teams within Mopinion at the moment: Sales, Marketing, Support/Operations, and Development. These teams all help us move forward with our product and strengthen our business in different ways. However, when searching for specialised IT developer roles, in particular, it can be a little more challenging to find a suitable candidate. As a result, we do not tend to get many referrals in this area as we do in, for example, Sales.

When shortlisting candidates, we work a little bit differently than most other businesses, which is mainly attributed to the fact that in a startup, having the right mentality is everything. This means that, above all, the candidate needs to have a ‘get-the-job-done mentality’ and is capable of taking the initiative when needed. It also means that we tend to focus less on factors like previously held positions and experience but rather more so on their potential to perform within the function.”

Diversity within the team

“For obvious reasons, skills are a priority when selecting a candidate. However, when it comes to culture, I believe diversity is also a good thing. And when I say diversity, I am referring to people from different countries, ages and backgrounds who have been exposed to different cultures and ways of working. These differences often tend to stimulate creativity and inspiration among teams, giving employees a different mindset when it comes to aspects of the job like problem-solving or communication. The stereotypical candidate for a startup is often a male of 25–30 years old who is tech-oriented – but I can’t imagine that keeping to this stereotype is always effective.”

The challenges of hiring

“The biggest challenge in hiring is that you can screen and interview candidates as much as you’d like, but you can only truly determine if it’s a good fit once you’ve already experienced working with the person. In other words, it can be difficult to judge if someone is going to meet your expectations based on interviews alone.

Another challenge is the onboarding process for new hires. We see our employees as an investment and therefore want to see them grow and succeed within our company. That is why we have employed an extensive onboarding process for them. This process is intended to integrate the employee so that they quickly become a productive member of our team. However it is also there to make a positive and lasting impression on the employee. A smooth onboarding often translates to less stress for the employee and a lower turnover for us.”

Our advice?

“In my opinion, it’s all about focusing on quality over quantity when it comes to selecting a team. I feel that it’s better to have a small team that is more well-rounded, flexible and able to adapt in a dynamic environment. Mind you, this is not only good for the business itself but also the team members as it pushes them to grow and expand their capabilities.”

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