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Hiring at Usabilla: Scouting for diverse talent

Every now and then, we join one of our customers for lunch to find out more about their recruitment process. This week, we visited Usabilla where the 30+ team holds office in a stunning building.

Usabilla builds web-based tools that help marketers, designers, and usability & UX practitioners around the world to build better websites and improve the user experience. The company was proudly founded in Amsterdam, and they currently serve over 25,000 web professionals worldwide – including brands like SkyScanner, LinkedIn, Disney, Vodafone, and General Electric. We’re excited to share a bit more on the way they handle their fast growth.

Your team expanded quickly, what’s your magic?

“We’ve seen a high growth in our user base over the last couple of years. We currently serve over 25.000 web professionals. Since our funding round in 2011, we’ve scaled up the team rapidly. The branding of our company is important to us, and probably part of our ‘magic’ why people want to work for us. We do our best to create an awareness in our industry, and in the startup scene in general. Our new office for example, it was quite a gamble to take a huge office in the city center, but now it’s part of our image and company culture. People love to come here, host events, and have a drink on Friday, which improves the working atmosphere.”

Where do you do talent sourcing?

“We differentiate between the type of job. Technical jobs are handled by Maria and Gijs, our technical lead. They scout on LinkedIn, Dribbble, and are in touch with external recruiting firms. For some positions, we seek external help as it would take too much time to do it all by ourselves.

For other positions, like sales and HR, Kate uses university websites and niche job boards. Free job boards like Indeed and Glassdoor help us fill up two “low hanging fruits” easily – multi-posting them via Recruitee. Sourcing and adding candidates manually takes about 50% of our recruiting efforts.”

Any hiring advice for tech startups in Europe?

“Startups seem to be either short on cash or short on people. Don’t make the mistake of having both of them in the same year. After you’ve secured a funding, you’re likely to scale up quickly. Having a pool of potential candidates on ‘standby’ will save you a lot of time (and probably cash). We delegate most of the scouting to people that will actually be working with the new hire in a team. We don’t believe in a referral fee or something like that; when working in your company is fun, people will refer others naturally.”

We thank Marc, Paul, Kate, Jacky, Sven, Cassandra, Sjoerd. and Gijs for their time. We’re sure that you’re going to be hearing great things from this team.

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