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Hiring with Gogoprint: Recruiting to change an industry

Printing is typically seen as a traditional industry- a lot of back and forth, long production times, and big budgets. There’s one company seeking to disrupt this: Gogoprint. Bringing printing services online, Gogoprint wants to help customers of all sizes bring their orders online and provide quality printed results.

Gogoprint currently has three offices: in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, and Jakarta. And they’re working on a fourth, in Melbourne, Australia. Like many budding e-commerce companies, their reach is not limited to physical locations. Gogoprint currently serves customers in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Australia.

To drive expansion in this region, Gogoprint has a total of 130 employees with about half based in their Bangkok office and the rest split between Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta.

Gogoprint has big growth goals for the coming year, and they’re currently facilitating their team growth with Recruitee. We spoke with Gogoprint’s Business Development Manager, Hubertus Hellenthal, a hiring manager within Recruitee, about Gogoprint’s mission, company culture, and hiring plans.

Thanks for joining us Hubertus, can you tell us a little about your role at Gogoprint?

As a Business Development Manager, I am in charge of exploring new markets and establishing long-lasting relationships across the region. Operating in 5 countries, it is important to keep in mind cultural and business differences. This type of job wouldn’t be possible without foreign employees who help Gogoprint better understand different markets.

To find the best hires, Gogoprint uses Recruitee. The Job Promotion feature makes it easy for us to get visible by potential employees so we don’t need to spend too much time browsing the Internet in search of perfect candidates.

Can you tell us a little bit about Gogoprint’s mission and company culture?

Our mission is to help companies of all sizes successfully market and grow their businesses. Through advanced technology, affordable prices, and excellent customer support services, we aim at bringing APAC’s broadly inefficient printing industry online. To achieve this goal, Gogoprint has adopted a flexible company culture focused on dynamic and high-quality execution. Our approach attracts young specialists from all over the world who want to actively participate in decision-making and take an action.

We always encourage our employees to take a new perspective and try out different strategies. Gogoprint does not have a strict hierarchy and this is the main factor that attracts amazing hires. We believe that our employees are our most valuable asset and we do everything to unlock their full potential.

We hear Gogoprint has been growing over the last year, what’s the story behind this?

Over the last year, Gogoprint has experienced a strong growth of revenue and we expanded the team accordingly. Since last year the number of our employees has nearly doubled, especially in the Marketing, Sales and IT departments. At the moment, we have about 30 team members in the Sales Department, 10 in IT, and 9 in Marketing.

This year Gogoprint closed a Series A funding round of $7.7m. These resources will enable us to further fuel our geographic expansion and set up an office in Australia, while also investing in the development of our platform and product / service portfolio.

Could you tell us about Gogoprint team and your people growth plan for the next year?

Our team is truly international, with employees coming from all across Southeast Asia,  and Europe. In the next year, we plan to hire more people to advance our business in Australia and new markets. The main challenge for Gogoprint is that our HQ is based in Bangkok and we don’t have much time to travel across APAC to find the right fit for the position. That is why we heavily rely on online platforms that give us flexibility and opportunity to source candidates online.

What does your standard recruitment process look like?

Our recruitment process is far from being standard as we hire many international employees. It is impossible to have one-on-one interviews with people based abroad that is why we use the Recruitee video interview feature. The feedback we are getting is amazing. Both for the HR team and interviewees the process is convenient and time-efficient.

What is your approach to attracting great hires for Gogoprint?

At the moment, we focus on our “Employer” reputation by creating a happy working environment that would suit our international team. We believe the fact that we are a fast-growing international company with a flexible corporate culture is critical in attracting great hires.

At least once a year we have a major team-building event to help team members connect and get to know each other. Every Friday we have beers and dinner all together, and people participate in never-ending ping-pong tournaments.


What are the most important things you look for in a new hire?

What we care about the most is the hire’s personality and motivation to grow and develop with the Gogoprint team. Of course, we value skills and experience but we realize that the right attitude and ambitions, as well as alignment with our core values,  are more important for us.

What is the role of employer branding for Gogoprint in the hiring process?

In our hiring process, we rely on employer branding a lot. We try to become an employer of choice by promoting transparency and trust within the organization. From the beginning, our potential hires know how the company functions and that they can take part in decision-making processes at any time. Flexibility and initiative are the things we encourage at Gogoprint.

Another crucial point is to provide a convenient working environment that would allow our employees to have a good life and work balance. Our staff is our main asset and we do everything we can to make work at Gogoprint exciting

What is the most challenging element of hiring for your organization? How do you solve this?

The unemployment rate in Thailand is quite low, around 1%, which makes it difficult to find the right fit for the company. Our solution to the problem is to look for employees abroad. That’s where we use Recruitee. With your services, it is much easier to find the right person who would fit into our company.

What is the most significant tactic, method or strategy have learned and adopted in your hiring?

For a company with strong international growth ambitions like Gogoprint, maintaining a strong hiring pool of highly-skilled and relevant candidates is crucial. A strong talent pool basically gives you a number of hiring options that you can keep tapping it depending on the job openings that arise. Recruitee also makes it a lot easier to set up multiple talent pools and to manage the profiles within them.

What is your best piece of hiring advice?

Here are our main pieces of advice:

  • Standardize the hiring process so that relevant candidates can be easily compared
  • Sleep on decisions that concern a key position: take some time to separate your emotions/feelings after a good interview, from the objective facts that make interviewees better / lesser candidates
  • Never stop the recruitment process after filling a position. Not only do you need fallback options if a new hire leaves or proves inadequate, but you also need to keep building up that talent pool.

Thanks to the Gogoprint for their insights into hiring for international teams and growth and a big thanks to Aleksandra for coordinating!

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