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Collaborative hiring success with Sofico

Getting organized while working collaboratively

Staying organized in the world of HR and recruitment isn’t an easy task. Often, the fast pace and necessary multitasking can make it difficult for hiring teams to track all candidate information. 

This can pose a challenge for collaborative recruiting. Multiple stakeholders need access to candidate profiles and information, and hiring tools need to be simple, accessible and understood by all those involved. 

Collaborative hiring is fast becoming a central component for any company’s recruitment strategies, especially for Sofico

Headquartered in Belgium, Sofico is a software solution provider and services for asset finance, leasing, and fleet mobility management. It has over 370 staff working from 8 locations worldwide. 

Handling multiple candidates effectively

One of the major hurdles that Sofico faced with its hiring was handling multiple candidates at the same time while keeping all parties informed, updated, and operating efficiently. 

"We have many stakeholders involved in the recruitment process, which means we can get a lot of feedback on each candidate. Having a centralized system for us to store that information was important to our hiring needs."

“We turned to Recruitee because we needed a collaboration tool that could help us facilitate conversations easily, ensure all stakeholders had the most up-to-date information, and stay organized throughout the recruiting process. The platform allows our stakeholders to upload documents easily, edit information, and review files.”

Improved communication and feedback

Since rolling out Recruitee across its offices, Sofico has seen its collaborative hiring strengthen and improved communication between internal stakeholders.  

“So far, the feedback has been positive from our hiring teams. The Recruitee platform has enabled us to prioritize communication between stakeholders and with the candidates because we can send automated emails to keep them updated about their applications.”

Easy rollout and implementation

Martens added that Recruitee’s rollout among its global offices, excluding Japan and Australia, where it’s recruitment is handled locally, was a relatively straightforward process. 

“The platform is very intuitive, offers simple overviews, and was easy for us to configure and implement. One of the features that we most enjoy is being able to get a nice overview of candidate pipelines, and of course, being able to create talent pools.”

Getting creative to fill niche positions

Like many companies this year, Sofico said that finding top talent for niche positions is still tricky.

“The Recruitee talent pools have been a great start so far and are helping to support our hiring; however, we’ve had to get creative to fill developer and business consultant roles this year.

Sofico experimented with the promotion of its vacant roles this year by running newspaper ads, posting jobs across its social media platforms, shooting a video with its staff to capture working life at the company, and even showcasing available jobs cardboard cutouts while walking around town. 

Check out the video of Sofico’s job advertising experiment here.

“The cardboard cutout ended up having more of an impact than we initially thought it would. We had someone come up to us suggesting a referral for the job we were advertising. We ended up getting a bit more visibility on the role when the passerby ended up posting a picture of it on social media.”

Looking to the future

In a year that has shaken up the world of recruitment, Sofico has truly found a way to own its hiring process, strengthen its collaborative hiring process, and enhance its visibility to candidates. 

Martens added: “The year challenged us to step outside of our comfort zones when it comes to hiring. We’re currently accepting candidates from all over the world, which we will continue to do so into 2021.”

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