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Isentia’s HR director says, “It’s almost polar opposite where you either know about us and what we do, or you’ve never heard about us.” Working in the media intelligence space is certainly a niche. Being niche, however, has been key to Isentia’s success. Isentia helps their clients track and analyze both print and online content, including social media and broadcast. With over 19 offices in 13 countries, they now generate over $92.8 million in annual revenue. This has earned them an industry-leading name in Asia Pacific and their title as world’s most awarded media analysis and measurement company.

But growing to over 5,000 clients and over 1,000 employees is no small feat, especially when you consider the global nature of the team. Isentia HR director Belinda Armstrong shares that the company’s team growth has been the result of a concerted effort to centralize recruitment into a single accessible platform: Recruitee.

Having a collaborative hiring platform is central to Isentia’s hiring success, Armstrong shares, “The HR team facilitates the recruitment process. We work with the line managers on where we’re going to advertise depending on the type of role that we have. The HR team is responsible for posting the job – making sure that the job is on our careers page, as well as any other online job boards.”

“Then we support the line managers in accessing Recruitee. We talk them through the process of how to use it, how to write to candidates, how to communicate with candidates using the platform, rather than chopping and changing between, perhaps Outlook, or email, and then Recruitee.” The Recruitee user-friendly interface plays an important role in enabling this collaborative process, making it easy to show team members and hiring managers alike how to use the basic functions. With over 150 active users in Recruitee, training needs to be quick, simple, and effective!


Centralizing recruitment communication and hiring processes into one place has helped Isentia streamline their collaborative hiring. Isentia makes use of the Recruitee Notes feature to keep track of recruiter, HR manager, and hiring manager feedback on candidates. Simply put, “It’s easier than emailing back and forth,” and ends up saving the hiring team time when it comes to communication. With Recruitee, information is accessible to the right people, whenever they may need it. Belinda notes that in cases of unplanned absences this can be particularly helpful, “the information is still on the platform rather than in my inbox.”

Finally getting the right candidates in, starts with an easy application process: “We work with the very simple model here that skills can be taught, and we try to recruit for attitude. We aim to bring the right people who are passionate about Isentia into this business. We have a number of steps along the way where we try to ensure that we do that,” Armstrong shared.

“The application form is really important for us. We try to keep it short because we want people to be able to quickly apply. But we also want it to indicate their desire to work here, and their desire for the role that they’re applying for, and to show us a little bit of their personality.” Customizable and easy application forms on the Recruitee hosted careers pages can help make this possible.

Isentia is already well-known in Asia Pacific for their world-class service and a keen eye for detail when it comes to media analysis. As they keep an eye on news outlets, we’ll certainly be keeping an eye on them as they grow.

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