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Hiring with Tiqets

Back in 2013, four Dutch entrepreneurs got together with the one single goal of changing how people could visit museums, shows, and cultural attractions. The outcome? A company called Tiqets that works to make culture more accessible to everyone. Tiqets is a mobile ticketing platform that helps people discover, purchase and use tickets to cultural exhibits, shows, and events.

Today, Tiqets is much more than just a Dutch startup. They’re expanding rapidly and internationally. Headquartered in Amsterdam, Tiqets has teams in Spain, Austria, Italy, France, and the US to support their market expansion strategy. Earlier this year Tiqets received $17 million in funding to power their growth. As a result of their wild success, Tiqets was named in the top ten mobile startups by Ready4s, third fastest growing startup in Europe in 2017 by Tech5 and among Europes hottest startups by Wired.

Success is not down to funding alone; their team plays an essential role in their exponential growth. The Tiqets team of over 100 employees reflects their international business with colleagues from Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Spain, the UK, the US.

Back when Tiqets was only 65 people, Stephanie de Booij, then Tiqets HR Manager, spoke to us about their hiring successes and challenges. With such a positive name in the industry and the startup world, Booij revealed that finding candidates was not always a problem, “If I put out vacancies, it depends on the jobs, but sometimes 130 people apply per position.”

But with such a high volume of applications, the pressure is really on when it comes to processing candidate applications. “When people apply, Recruitee helps us with sending general emails like ‘Thanks for your application. Within two weeks you will receive our feedback.’ I used to do that all manually before,” Booij revealed, “Copy-paste, copy-paste. It doesn’t work. I’m happy with tools like Recruitee that helps us with that.”


Building an international team like Tiqets’ is not always straightforward and requires a tool that can coordinate remote interviews, international travel arrangements, and the information required for local contracts. And managing an ever-growing hiring volume (currently over 20 live jobs!) become daunting. Booij shared the key to making sure this is all coordinated, “If you use a recruitment tool, it’s going to help you a lot. You want to be polite and personal to people, so you want to give a response to everybody. You need a recruitment tool to do that in order to make sure that you have some spare time to focus on other things.”

“People always think that it’s expensive to use tools and they’ll just use their Gmail accounts. But it’s not expensive. And if you’re on holiday, someone else can take it over from you and they can just use Recruitee. That’s the first advice I’d give,” Booij stresses to those looking to achieve the same team growth as Tiqets.

Millions of people from more than 150 countries are already using Tiqets. Growing a team to support an expanding international user base is a challenge within itself. But it’s a challenge Tiqets seems more than ready to overcome.

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