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Hiring with Zomato

Going out to eat? You may have used Zomato, an online platform designed to help people find the best restaurant, bar, or cafe around. They’re experts in helping find their customers the great spots to fuel up, wherever they may be, and enabling networks of recommendation sharing. Zomato is a leader in the restaurant review industry and provides restaurants with better visibility and offers diners in-depth information on hundreds of foodie hotspots in their city.

Founded in 2008 by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah, Zomato is dedicated to using technology to help create incredible dining experiences. Today, Zomato receives over 92 million visits monthly and brings in an estimated $46.6 million in annual revenue. They’re active in 24 countries and their success is managed by a team of just over 3,000 employees around the world. With growing numbers of restaurants registering and diners reviewing, the Zomato team is constantly growing. It’s no surprise that they’ve received over $443.8 million in funding since their start.

Operating globally and across multiple cities has its challenges when it comes to finding the right hires. “Each city has its nuances of the local culture which is necessary to adhere to. The local leadership in each city works in tandem with the recruitment team in hiring to ensure that we hire the right fit,” Zomato’s global recruitment lead, Ashish Kumar, shared.

Using Recruitee, Zomato is able to give local hiring teams the flexibility they need without losing global oversight into the process. Each open vacancy has a dedicated recruiter who is responsible for the screening and candidate lifecycle. The recruitment team coordinates with local Zomato leadership to ensure there is a good cultural fit by requesting feedback on candidate profiles or interview evaluations within the Recruitee system. With reporting features, the recruitment team can also keep an eye on the whole hiring process, entire candidate pipelines, and manage global talent pools.

Team collaboration in the hiring process is a must for Zomato, a goal which Recruitee supports, “The roles are assigned to the recruiters who work on them from requisition to closure. A dedicated recruiter managing the lifecycle of candidates ensures a better candidate experience, as well as helping them align well with the hiring managers contextually. The respective recruiters often conduct the initial screening rounds. The selected candidates then interact with the interview panel through consecutive rounds. For most junior and mid-level roles, there are usually three rounds of interviews.”


However, finding the right people often takes more than just great coordination. Great communication and team collaboration also critical components when it comes to recruiting the right people. “At Zomato, hiring is everyone’s responsibility. Managing the recruitment process is usually a small group’s key responsibility, but hiring at Zomato is every unit and every function’s responsibility – they’re hiring people to grow their teams after all.”  With over 50 open jobs across seven countries at any given point, it’s no wonder Zomato makes full use of the unlimited users offering in Recruitee with over 150 active users.

The average time to hire is 23 days, which can sometimes be too long to hire in-demand talent. Collaborative hiring strategies can cut this time to hire significantly, especially with the right software to support it. Zomato uses Recruitee to make sure collaboration is at the core of every hire. The team leverages Recruitee’s unlimited users to get their team involved in the recruitment process and embrace a truly collaborative hiring environment.

Using technology, Zomato hopes to make sure no diner ever has a bad meal. And just like their business, they use technology to ensure the quality of hire, no matter where they may need it.

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