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We’re powering Recruitee with AI to take the guesswork out of job promotion

Today we’re launching our AI-powered job promotion engine, which allows you to get your jobs matched with the channels that connect you with the right talent.

Recruiters are often left wondering where they’ll find their next best hire and which channels will produce the best quality candidates. In a competitive talent market, wasting time and money on channels that do not perform is no longer an option.

Using AI and predictive analytics, we are helping to bring improved transparency and better results to your job promotion campaigns. As recruitment becomes increasingly internalized, data and automation have proven to be absolutely vital for successful hiring. As a result of our commitment to innovation, we’re now able to make AI work for talent acquisition

“We believe that the future of recruitment will be strongly influenced by automation and predictive analytics and are excited to be shaping this future.”

For Recruitee users, our new AI-driven job promotion engine can be found in the Acquisition tab.

There you’ll be able to draft your job promotion campaigns for over 300 channels, including specialist, premium, global, and local job boards. All in addition to popular social networks. Depending on your vacancy and campaign, you’ll not only be able to select your favorite channels, but our AI-powered job promotion recommendation engine will suggest the most relevant ones. One of the main advances is that we have made the technology approachable to the people who need to work with it. This means that it can now be used successfully, at scale.

Our job promotion engine compares your job posting with over 100,000 similar vacancies and the historical campaign performance data of over 2,000 online channels in 47 countries. This allows it to predict which channels are the most relevant for your desired audience.

Getting in front of the right candidates has never been easier. You’ll only need to draft your advertisement campaign once and we’ll send it out to the channels you need.

The future of job promotion is here. Embrace it

Acquiring talent shouldn’t rely on guesswork. With the help of AI, we help you connect with the most relevant candidates for your vacancies and measure the returns when it comes to promoting your jobs.

Building this recommendation engine isn’t us jumping on a buzzword-filled aspirational technology trend. We believe it will become a standard way for recruiters to promote their jobs. We’re the only company enabling recruiters to couple job promotion and AI to create even more engaging and personal experiences for their most qualified candidates.

Get started right here and see how AI and automation can benefit your team.

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