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Recruitee now integrates with Bryq

Both Bryq and Recruitee were created with the recruiter in mind, which is why this partnership is so crucial in helping you to get more done, right. Bryq objectively assesses candidates – on cognitive skills and personality traits – so that you can use reliable data to confidently match candidates to job and company requirements, enabling you to hire the right person, without bias, every time. Candidates are tested across 4 cognitive and 16 personality dimensions, giving you scientific data in easy-to-understand results to match with the job description. Online assessments help to reduce bias and increase job-match.

Reduce your time-to-hire by finding the right people for the job by screening candidates for their cognitive skills and personality traits that match the role. And you can do this all directly from your Recruitee platform! Find out more about this integration in our Marketplace!

Extended free trial

In these tumultuous times, technology has enabled us to keep everything up and running in spite of it all. Even remotely the show must go on!

Recruitee and Bryq, both established leaders in their respective domains, are collaborating to support businesses around the world. Bryq is offering recruitee customers, free-of-charge access until the end of May to not only the Bryq assessment platform but also to Bryq’s customer success consultants, who will get you up and running within 2 days.

If you are hiring, Bryq allows you to assess incoming candidates and easily match skills and personality to your role and company requirements. Their detailed match scores show you areas of strength and weakness of each candidate – allowing you to conduct video interviews more effectively, focusing on the areas that really matter and reducing your time-to-hire by 50%.

If you are not hiring right now, you are probably struggling with internal mobility, as you are trying to repurpose resources. You can use Bryq to assess your current workforce and find their optimum match in existing vacancies.

Finding the right fit becomes even more important during challenging times. Let us provide you a helping hand in navigating through these uncharted waters by maximizing the efficiency of your HR resources and significantly reducing your hiring costs.

You can sign up here for free access to their Large Package (20 concurrent positions, unlimited testing, integration with recruitee). Use code CARRYON20 on checkout to extend your free period until the end of May.

Need more information? Book a short call today, to discuss how Bryq can help.

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