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Apply with LinkedIn 2.0

We all know that most people, except for the most active job seekers, don’t keep their resumes updated. Furthermore, only 10-20% of individuals are actively looking for a new job. That’s why we were so excited to launch our ‘Apply with LinkedIn’ into the wild a few years ago, letting candidates apply for your jobs by simply using their LinkedIn profile.

Fast forward a few years and we are delighted to share that we have partnered with LinkedIn to bring you an upgraded ‘Apply with LinkedIn’ experience for you and your candidates.


Key benefits of the new Apply with LinkedIn integration

  1. Drives increased conversions from the company career site.
  2. Increases your conversion rate. Improve applicant conversion by making it possible for candidates to automatically complete a job application using their LinkedIn profile data.
  3. Improves InMail response rates by identifying warm leads.

The updated Apply with LinkedIn feature will further streamline a candidate’s application experience.


How to get started?

Firstly, to enable the plugin you will need to have a LinkedIn Recruiter account, and/ or paid Job Slots. This feature is not available for companies with LinkedIn Recruiter Lite. Please reach out to LinkedIn for more details on ​how to be a LinkedIn Recruiter or Job Slot customer​.

Then, the admin on your LinkedIn dashboard is required to enable the integration in Recruitee.

If you want more information about the most recent version of Apply with LinkedIn, you can read this ​help center doc.​

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