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5 awards & 5 upcoming features!

FinancesOnline has reviewed Recruitee recently and given us five awesome awards! FinancesOnline is a fast-growing apps marketplace, as well as the source of trusted reviews. They are well-known in the B2B market with the mission of helping business owners find the best software that fits their needs.

We’re greatly honored that FinancesOnline has given us five awards in an in-depth review:

1. The Verified Quality Seal

Guarantees that Recruitee is in the top 5 of HR management products.

2. The Great User Experience Certificate

states that Recruitee offers especially good user experience. FinancesOnline evaluates how easy it is to start using Recruitee and how well-designed our interface and features are to facilitate the work process.

3. The Expert’s Choice Award 2016

is given to Recruitee for showing especially good quality in terms of satisfying the current needs of the B2B and SaaS markets, and helping companies with solid and efficient solutions.

4. The Best Free Trial Award 2016

is for Recruitee’s exceptionally well-crafted experience with our free trial version. This includes both the quality of functionalities included in the trial as well as the ability to evaluate the product based on the trial version.

5. The Rising Star Award 2016

is given to new SaaS products that only recently appeared on the market, but are already getting good traction with the customers and are viewed as a service that’s really efficient despite its young age.

Thanks a lot, FinancesOnline!

You can see the full review of Recruitee by FinancesOnline here.


Are we splashing each other with champagne?

No, not yet. As always, we’re working hard to ship the new features next month.

Yes, there are new features almost every month.

Also as always, we’re super excited about these updates! Here are some sneak peeks:

1. New design for greater usability

Many have told us how happy they are that Recruitee is so easy to use. Still, we have found ways to make the platform even simpler! We can’t wait to show it to you.

2. Extended analytics & reports

Hiring metrics are important, we’re covering the crucial ones: conversion rate and candidates’ source.

3. Talent Pool

Manage sourced candidates without having to open a blank job! You can also assign one candidate to multiple jobs!

4. Extended search

What’s the use of a talent pool without search? So, we power up our search feature. You will be able to search anything: from candidates’ CV’s to their answers to the pre-screen questions to the internal notes the recruiting team makes for each candidate.

5. Copying Jobs

We notice that many users hire for the same position on a frequent basis. By making “copy Job” available, you can have the same job opening and workflow without having to set everything up again.

So, only then, after shipping these 5 features to you safe and sound, may we open some champagne.

Cheers till the day!

-Recruitee team

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