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A new dawn for Recruitee Search

With the acceleration of technology and the current sprightly job market, companies don’t have a problem with not having enough candidates. It’s having the right candidates.

While amassing a database of 500+ candidates after just a few months of recruiting sounds impressive, its immediate implication is that the more candidates you have, the harder it is to find them again.

With any luck, a search bar does exist in your system for storing candidates. 90% of the time it seems to not work unless you input the exact names of the candidates. The pain of spending hours wrestling with multiple search terms just to get “0 candidates found” in your database of hundreds or thousands of candidates can be agonizing.

This is where we come in. With Recruitee’s brand new Search feature, you will never get lost in your candidate database again. Every candidate can be found, as well as every CV and cover letter.

There are three ways you can hunt through your candidate database with Recruitee’s Search.

1. Search with filters

From evaluations to tags, every filter is designed to help you find the candidates most relevant to your search criteria. You can easily combine and benefit from more than 100 search options, making those candidates you need to find within reach, literally.


2. Search with Boolean operators

Boolean search is the most powerful addition to the Recruitee Search. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran, you can make use of the Boolean search within minutes.

Simply put, Boolean search makes use of five operators to connect your search terms in a meaningful way.

AND: All your search terms will appear in the search results

OR: At least one of your search terms will appear in the search results

NOT: Excluding certain search terms in your search results

( ) Parentheses: Combine multiple searches

“ ” Quotation marks: Searching for an exact search term

Imagine your search terms as Lego bricks and these Boolean operators as the interlocking mechanism. They hold the search terms together and produce the result you want.

From a short string:

“ruby on rails” AND “angular”

to a long string:

(“xHTML” AND “HTML5” AND “CSS” AND “jQuery” AND “WordPress”) AND “Python” AND (“git” OR “subversion” OR “mercurial” OR “LESS” OR “SASS” OR “ExpressionEngine”) (Source)

Boolean search gives you the power to dig up the candidates you need no matter how big your database is.


3-Search with filters and Boolean operators

Yes, you can! You can use both filters and Boolean operators at the same time in the Recruitee Search. When you opt for both, the search results will show candidates who fulfill the filters you selected AND the Boolean search you typed.

When you’ve got the ultimate search settings that you want to use again, you can save them as favorites with one click in Recruitee. If you need a team member to keep an eye on a specific search, you can also choose to share that search while saving with no extra hassle.

Don’t get bogged down by a messy database. Even if it’s like finding a needle in a haystack, Recruitee’s Search will help you surface the candidates you need in no time. Who knows, the right candidates for your new job openings might have been there all along.

Have fun recruiting!

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