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Improve your time to hire with Recruitee Calendar and Dashboard

We’re releasing big time. Next to Recruitee Evaluation designed to help you set up and conduct structured interviews, we have also delivered two more updates to better your time to hire significantly.

1. Calendar: Two-way sync and “Find time“

When you schedule interviews or phone calls, double-booking is common and it makes us waste way more time than we should. The problem? Your work calendar and the calendar in your applicant tracking system don’t sync with each other. The result: you would spend valuable time confirming the interviews, canceling the interviews, rescheduling the interviews, then rescheduling the interviews a few more times because you double-book by accident again.

To save you from this vicious cycle, we have built a two-way sync for Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar with Recruitee Calendar. When you enable this two-way sync, all your events scheduled in Recruitee will go to your synced calendar and the other way around. No double-booking, no time wasted. Learn more about two-way sync.

When double-booking is out of the way, we tackle the next problem that costs us just as much time: getting all the interviewers’ time slots aligned. If you plan an interview with two or three interviewers, that means you will have to spend twice or triple the time to know their availability, pin down one-time slot that works for all, and confirm that time slot. You would probably throw away even more time if one of them double-books and only realizes it later…

It’s a nightmare that we want to eliminate once and for all. With the new feature “Find time” in scheduling events, you can see the booked time slots of all interviewers and pick an empty one with confidence, knowing that it fits everyone. You can then send a confirmation email to the candidate and the interviewers right from Recruitee with one click. No running back and forth, no time wasted.

2. Dashboard: Everything in one

With many updates and upgrades going on, it’s our first priority to make everything accessible and easy to use. That’s why we have given Dashboard a facelift. It’s not a place for a quick graph and some stats anymore. It’s now the control center and the go-to place for your most essential items in Recruitee.

There are six sections you can make use of.

First is “Overview”. It contains what Dashboard was: a snapshot of the most important stats of your hiring.

Second is “Calendar”. This is where you see all the events from your team scheduled in Recruitee and in their synced calendars. You can also schedule events right from here.

The third is “Events”. This is where you see events in Recruitee you participate. With the monthly calendar on the right, you can estimate how busy you are within a certain month and plan your agenda accordingly.

Fourth is “Evaluations”. Here you can access all the evaluation forms you need to fill out as well as the ones you’ve completed.

The last two sections are “Tasks” and “Activities”. They work the same way as before: you manage your to-do’s and check what’s most important.

That’s all for now! Hope this round of product update helps you save time and shorten your time to hire. Once good candidates are available on the market, they won’t stay there for long. Make sure you have the necessary tools to guide them through all the hiring steps without missing a beat.

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