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Feature Release August 2015: Career Site Editor

We’ll launch a new feature on Product Hunt tomorrow. We noticed a lot of companies seem to struggle with the job section on their website. Think out-dated job descriptions, 404-pages when candidates apply, and little employer branding information about the company or the team.

The issue

After doing some research, we’ve discovered that a good career site (e.g. employer site) needs to have a few things in order to attract and convert applicants:

  • A general description about the company (Where will I work?)
  • Information about the team (Who will I work with?)
  • PICTURES (Do I feel comfortable here?)
  • Perks & Benefits (What will I gain?)
  • Location (Please no traffic jams)

Ask yourself: Is your site showing these things? What would you like to see if you’re applying for a job?

The solution

We’re a big fan of Mailchimp. The drag and drop editor for elements in e-mail campaign simply works great. For our own editor, we decided to create one responsive template, and allow modules to be adjusted an reordered. By allowing multiple styling choices per element, users have a wide range of options when creating their own career site. Pick your branding colors, upload your assets, and push your site live in minutes.

How it works?

  1. Upload your brand assets
  2. Pick branding/element colors
  3. Choose your layout
  4. Determine if you want a custom domain (e.g. or an auto-generated domain (e.g.
  5. Push the button and your site is live

Some live examples of our users can be viewed here (EN) and here (NL).

We hope that this new editor is of great help to our users with employer branding. Feel free to give us a shout if we can help you set up/style a site for your jobs! We’re happy to help out. If you’d like to look around and learn more, take a tour at our Help Section.

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