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Announcing Recruitee iPhone and Android apps

Making the hiring process efficient and collaborative has always been Recruitee’s goal. Unsurprisingly, most hiring processes don’t stop after the desktop is turned off and the office door is closed. In this connected world, every person who hires knows that great candidates can knock on their door at any moment.

You want to reel the best candidates in right away and set up the next steps. You want to be faster than anyone else (especially your competitors) and to score the first point of responsiveness in the candidate experience. That would be great.

In reality, you often find yourself staring at multiple windows and tabs on your desktop. Simply getting drowned in the day-to-day tasks. When you finally squeeze out some time for it, most candidate emails and applications are already heading to the bottom of your mailbox, and that hiring manager you need to get approval from is out of office. Before you know it, it’s the end of the day and you find yourself shutting down your desktop, feeling not much has been done. When we set out to build Recruitee to iron out the inefficiencies in recruitment, we knew that this would be one of the biggest obstacles we need to tackle.

So today, we’re more than happy to announce the release of Recruitee iPhone and Android apps! That means any of your team members can now keep their hiring process in check and be responsive to candidates wherever they go. Four highlights of Recruitee mobile apps are:

1. Focus on the most important aspects of hiring

Your desktop is often where you do everything. It is also where everything can demand attention from you. Before you could send an email to a candidate, you need to answer a chat from a colleague, then writing a quick email to your client, and another email to your boss. After that, you don’t remember which candidate you need to email anymore. That’s why we built Recruitee mobile apps light and lean with a single focus in mind: pipelining candidates.

You can view candidate CVs and rate them right in the apps. Want to ask for your team’s input or email the candidate right away? You can do both in the app and experience a seamless workflow! No need to open several different tools. No need to be distracted halfway. We make it as easy and convenient as possible for you to be much more responsive to applications and get to that top candidates before anyone else does.

2. Get notified and act on what matters most

With a complex process such as hiring, there are always multiple things happening at the same time. It’s easy to get lost in the unimportant chaos and lose sight of the crucial things you should pick up. How to prevent that? Or, how to decide what should get your attention first before it actually happens?

With Recruitee mobile apps, we solved this problem with Notifications. It is on the first screen after you log in and is present on 80% of the pages of the mobile apps. It tells you what’s important, what’s happening, and in real time. By choosing exactly what should get your attention first, you could invest your best energy and focus on your highest priorities.

3. Feel the pulse of your pipelines

Every person who hires loves it when new, high-quality candidates apply. Every person who hires also loves to look at a pipeline full of high-quality candidates. But not every person who hires follows up with those candidates thoroughly. Some candidates just don’t hear anything back for weeks, months, or ever, after their applications. Sometimes it’s simply because there are too many candidates and there are no clear indicators that they are ‘waiting for a reply’ (or ‘giving up and applying to your competitor’) in the eyes of the employers and recruiters.

To solve this, we have added status icons to every candidate in Recruitee’s most beloved features – the pipeline overview. There you can clearly see: How many candidates are there in each stage? How long have they entered the pipeline? When was the last time you heard from each other? This overview helps you keep the progress of each candidate in check and take action in a timely manner.

4. Be accountable to each candidate

Another side effect of having too many candidates is that the hiring team could get lost. Who is in charge of who and who is doing what? Adding this on top of the already complex hiring process would create an infinite loop of chaos. A while ago, we thought we could eliminate this problem by allowing team members to follow each job opening. But many of our users hired so well that they had around 300 candidates applying per job! It’s hard to keep an eye on 300 individuals all the time. That’s when we knew we had to take it to the next level. Now with just one touch, you can follow each candidate or assign your team members to do so.

Being able to follow candidates gives everyone a strong sense of responsibility and accountability. You will receive notifications of all activities happening in the candidate profiles you follow. Candidates are no longer a piece of CV to be reviewed. They are potential talent in the process of being added to your team. And your task is to decide whether it’s the right time for both sides to work with each other.

Stay on top of the hiring process to surface the best candidates

While your desktop is where you process most of your day-to-day hiring tasks, your phone is where you catch up with what’s most important in the pipelines to you, and take action. This will benefit not only you but also the entire hiring team. Having real-time updates and 24/7 connectivity with candidates give every team member an advantage of speed to close the top candidates.

We hope you enjoy Recruitee iPhone app and Android app as much as we do. It’s the first version of our vision of what mobile recruitment should be. There is a long road(map) ahead. And we would like to invite you to walk and enjoy it with us. If you have any feedback or suggestions for the mobile apps, feel free to tell us via the live chat or email And last but not least, have fun recruiting!

P/s: Here is a formal press release about Recruitee mobile apps launch.

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