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Feature Update November 2015!

This week we’ve pushed several product updates on Recruitee. You ask, we build! Email integration is live, a new calendar feature is created, and candidate cards are rewritten. Thank you all for the feedback. Recruitee recruitment software is getting better every day!

A two-way email integration

After talking to some hardcore users like Rolljobs and StartMonday, we’ve decided to dive into a new email feature. You can now hook up your own email client and send emails from your own domain. Think Gmail or SMTP/IMAP. Even better: We sync with mail that you’ve sent before. That makes your Recruitee account contain all previous conversations. On the go or via the browser, you’ll never miss a candidate’s email!

The email integration option is in “Email settings”:


New calendar feature

We’ve noticed users struggling with their appointments. Phone calls, Skype interviews, meetings – it can be quite a mess! For this, we’ve created a separate tab in the menu called “Calendar.” Here you’ll find all your scheduled events per candidate. On the top right, you can sync your calendar to make sure that all your appointments appear in your own calendar as well.

Updated candidate cards

“Can I leave internal notes?”

“Can I see the average rating?”

These are questions we hear quite often. In Recruitee, you can already store notes and @-mention team members. We’ve updated the candidate cards to make sure that your notes are always around. You’ll find them ‘floating’ as you scroll down. Also, have a look at the review tab. You’ll find a whole new review experience there! The “Review summary” on top tells you the average rating from your colleagues. Good stuff.

Bulk actions

Although it might seem like a luxurious problem having to reject over 100 applicants, many of our users get a headache from the work involved. Now you can select a group of candidates and perform a bulk action like emailing, adding tags, or changing status. The candidate database can be accessed easily via the search bar on top.

Better Job section

The “Jobs” menu on the left summarizes all your public and private Jobs. With this new update, you can instantly see which recruiters are involved in a Job. Also, you can jump straight to candidates, reports, or create private Jobs. How do you like the new view?

Do you have any feedback or product ideas? Comment, email us or send a Tweet, and we can research right away to make sure that your hiring headaches become a thing of the past.

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