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Planning for your hiring journey

Here at Recruitee, things are constantly changing. Much of this is due to the ever-shifting nature of the hiring space. As technology has developed and powered up every team’s recruitment arsenal, Recruitee has grown alongside these trends with state-of-the-art features and services.

But as recruitment and our product have transformed over the years, our focus has always remained in sight. Simply put, Recruitee was built to help teams of all sizes hire the right talent. Accessibility and collaboration are at the very center of everything we created. We firmly believe that hiring should be accessible and easy for everyone, not just the experts, no matter where our own growth journey takes us.

Your hiring journey 

We understand that every team’s hiring journey is unique and what’s easy for one team may be complicated for another. In order to stay true to our core mission, we are tailoring our offering to fit these journeys. Every company and team grows at its own pace and we want to give them the right tools, at the right time.

That’s why today we are introducing a new plan structure to help teams launch their hiring, scale their team, and lead their talent acquisition strategy.

The Launch plan

For those just getting started with their hiring, the Launch plan is designed to lay your foundations and keep things simple. We understand that advanced functionality can distract from the main objective, setting up a lean and efficient recruitment process. 

The Scale plan

More and more, we notice a growing number of teams undergoing hypergrowth. The Scale plan is set up for just this scenario. With this plan, teams should be able to automate and optimize their hiring- especially important when you have limited resources. 

The Lead plan

For many organizations, recruitment and talent acquisition are well on their way to becoming their company’s powerhouse. The Lead plan is designed to support this drive to the top with advanced functionality and bespoke support. This plan comes with additional security measures like single sign-on. 

Les rapports et les statistiques de recrutement de Recruitee font partie des plus avancées de l'industrie des logiciels de recrutement.

To our customers

For our current customers, your current plans will remain active, but as of April 1st they will be considered legacy plans. You may continue to hire on these legacy plans with no interruptions. Over the coming months, we will be migrating customers to new plans when the time is right.

If you choose to stay on your legacy plan, new features might not be made available. Our customer success team will be in touch with you. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out in the meantime.

Powerful software that makes hiring easy

We’re proud to say that Recruitee is a powerful software that makes hiring easy. But as we continue to respond and shape the hiring space with new features, we also want to ensure that we do not become a powerful but complicated tool.

Like you, we’re a growing company and we understand that no tool is one-size-fits-all. We want to grow with you and help make your recruiting team not just efficient, but impactful. We hope that our new plan structure supports your mission and introduces the right functionality at the right stage in your hiring journey.

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