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Product Update December 2014

We’ve welcomed over 50 new users in December. Awesome. Thanks to some great feedback, we were able to push a few new features for our recruitment software this month. Below you’ll find a brief summary of the recent improvements.

Gathering online profiles of candidates in one place

Each candidate has a card that contains relevant data like resumes and motivation letters. We improved the CV parsing to make sure users don’t have to scroll down the CV while reading. In addition, we’ve added the box “Online Presence” to a candidate card. Here you’ll find the publicly available websites that provide information about the candidate. This makes sure that you don’t have to leave Recruitee to Google for candidate details. You can learn a lot about your new hire just by looking at his online profiles. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, as well as other sources, are automatically listed here.

Importing candidates from CV files

We saw a bunch of users making use of Recruitee next to their existing ATS. Some even wanted to transfer all their existing candidates into Recruitee. But “oops”… we didn’t have an importing feature yet. No worries. Now you simply click “Import Candidates” in the pipeline view. With just one click (or drag&drop) you can import a CV or a whole folder of CVs. Recruitee makes a candidate profile and automatically takes the name, email, and other details from a candidate’s CV. You don’t have to fill in additional details.

Get started section

We noticed that new users benefit from some guidance in setting up their accounts. Like styling a personal Careers Site, users can make full use of a recruitment system when they have an overview of the available features. Therefore, we came up with the idea of showing a “Get Started” section. Just click on one of the to-do’s, and you’ll be directed to the right page directly.

Custom CSS fields Careers Site

“Would it be posissible to have our own design and font on the Careers Site?” – Mark Studholme, CrowdyHouse

Several (hard core!) users contacted us to ask about a custom Careers Site. While the styling could already be personalized in Settings, we included a custom CSS form for more experienced coders. This allows users to fully tweak their own Careers Site. Great!

Several minor improvements

In addition to the features above, we improved the system of our recruitment software by changing some of the code from Ruby on Rails to AngularJS. This makes the system way faster (three times!) when you switch between pages. Also, we integrated five new (free) job boards and introduced the pricing plans. Moreover, you can now easily move between candidates with your keyboard arrows.

We like to thank our users for this feedback. We will keep improving the software until we hit all the right buttons. Please, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any ideas for improvement.

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