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Product Update June 2015

It seems that we’ve been very quiet about announcing new features, but that’s not exactly true. Recruitee users received several emails last month, but now it’s time to make a quick summary for the general public!

A Browser Extension for Talent Sourcing

After interviewing some of our users like CROWDYHOUSE and Impraise, we’ve noticed that several teams were actively scouting for new talents. Sourcing talents is a great way to find passive candidates on sources like LinkedIn, Dribbble, or GitHub. Most teams store these potential new hires in a Dropbox folder or other type of local file.

Well, that’s a waste!

We’ve created a simple widget that can be installed in your Chrome browser. You can find the Chrome extension here. After installing the extension, you’ll see a Recruitee icon popup on places where candidates can be imported. Press the icon, and you can select one of your jobs in Recruitee to push the candidate to your “Sourced” section.

Email Tool

We’ve noticed that emailing is one of the most important activities in an Applicant Tracking Software like Recruitee. For that, we’ve created a separate tab, “Email,” where you can track all of your emails. You have to option to filter by team messages, or you can click “My Emails” to narrow it down to only your communication.

Extended Candidate Cards

Can I upload a file to a candidate’s card?

This is a question we hear quite often. Surprisingly, a lot of applicant tracking systems (ATS’s) don’t seem to have this functionality. By creating different tabs, we’ve created space to upload any files you like. The card will always show an example view (popup), so you don’t have to download each attachment.

While making the new “Files” tab, we created another tab for leaving review notes. Just head over to “Reviews” and add as many variables as you’d like. These additions will appear on the card of each candidate in this job offer.

Follow or Unfollow Jobs

You face a lot of changes when you’re growing, and hiring is one of the most challenging thing. Put yourself in the shoes of someone with about 20 open positions (like several of our users). In these situations, it’s very difficult to stay up-to-date with the selection process, and it’s up to the recruiters to manage each individual position.

As a recruitment manager, you can filter the notifications that you get via Recruitee to those relevant to you at the moment. Head over to the “Jobs” section, and unfollow or follow jobs accordingly. If you unfollow a job, it will disappear from your menu on the left and you will no longer receive notifications about that job.

Do you have any feedback or product ideas? Comment, Email us or send a tweet, and we can help research ways to make sure that your hiring headaches become a thing of the past.

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