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Get your new hires started off right with Recruitee and Hibob!

Our Marketplace just got bigger!

Recruitee now has an integration with Hibob, a people management platform that helps fast-growing companies attract, excite, and retain their people through data-driven HR tools. They have created a system that puts individual growth front and center, driving culture, and engagement for your organization. Their core platform includes admin, onboarding, workflows, benefits, and reports with additional options for payroll, surveys, and much more.

We’re so excited about this new integration because this means your candidates can be converted to employees with a seamless experience. Just open your newly hired employee 🥳 in Recruitee, click “more” and “Send to Hibob”. Every candidate sent will have a badge on their profile so you never need to worry about duplicates.  

Say goodbye to manual work and hi to bob. 

Check out this integration and more on our Marketplace!

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