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Announcing Recruitee Mailbox: The best new email system for recruitment

It’s not new that everyone involved in recruitment hates emails.

Recruiters hate them because they are impossible to track.

Candidates hate them because they often come at inappropriate times with inappropriate content.

Many recruiters have explored alternatives, ranging from text messaging to chatbots.

But here is the reality: Emails are still going strong.

They don’t appear to invade anyone’s personal life. They don’t contain responses made up by half-baked artificial intelligence. And most of all, we still consider emails the professional and standard means of communication (to strangers).

What doesn’t work isn’t the email itself, but the way we work around it. The complex, multilevel needs of emails for recruitment have outgrown many email services made for the masses. That means recruiters have to combine different email tools to get things done. And that means more space for more errors that cost everyone more time and energy.

Instead of discarding emails outright, we gave them some love, attention, and effort. Today we’re excited to share the result with you: the brand new Mailbox of Recruitee. It’s the one and only email system you will need for all your recruitment emails.

Here is how Mailbox will get you to love emailing again.

In sourcing: All hail emails

A good approach to outreaching passive candidates is doing proper research and using proper tools. While you’re doing the research, we have prepared the tools for you.

With Recruitee’s sourcing extension, you can easily import candidate profiles from major websites like GitHub and Facebook into Recruitee.

Once you get a nice group of candidates, you can email them all at once from Mailbox.To make things even easier for you, we have compiled the most frequently used email templates in recruitment. They can be edited and created on the fly. Now you can send out the right messages to the right candidates within the shortest time.

In the heat of recruiting: Catch up with all the follow-up

Emails tend to get mixed up and missed out when you’re in the heat of the moment. To prevent this, we have designed Mailbox especially to help you gain laser focus, with three distinct sections.

1–First is “My email”.

It contains all the emails you send and receive directly. It’ll likely be the first place you check when you open Recruitee.


2–Second is “Team’s email”.

It stores all the emails between your team members and candidates. Depending on your hiring role in Recruitee, you might only see emails from the job openings you have access to.


Most of the time, your attention will be on the “Followed candidates” and “Followed Jobs” folders. It’s where you keep track of the candidates you follow directly, as well as the correspondence with the candidates in the job openings you follow.

The “Non-candidates” folder is for keeping all emails from addresses outside your database. Sometimes it can be a new email address from an existing candidate. In that case, you can easily add this new email to the existing candidate profile.

Once in a while, you would like to get rid of the irrelevant emails lying around. The “Archived” folder is here to help. You can always archive emails without having to delete them permanently. Besides, you can un-archive the emails in the “Archived” folder anytime.

3–Third is “Incoming CV”, where the magic of Mailbox happens.

Each job opening you create in Recruitee is associated with an email address called “Job inbox”. When candidates send their CVs to this email address, they will land in the “Job inboxes” folder AND will be parsed automatically into the pipeline of the respective job opening.


Sometimes candidates are interested in working for your company, but you don’t have the right job openings at the moment or just no job openings at all. A sound solution would be to ask those candidates to send their CVs to your “Company inbox”. Just like “Job inboxes”, you get a unique email address for your company when you make a company account in Recruitee. The CVs sent to that email address will land in the “Company inbox” folder AND will be parsed automatically into your database.

In closing: Work the team work out

With all the correspondence with candidates in one place, you have the peace of mind: knowing exactly where to look at and what needs your attention most. This applies not only to your own emails but also the emails that you might be responsible temporarily for.

If a colleague is on holiday, you can easily help out by following their candidates and monitor their new emails in the “Followed candidates” folder. When the colleague is back, they can access the emailing history and resume the communication right away. 100% hassle-free handover.

If everything goes well, you will enter the negotiation phase with the chosen candidate. Here things get complicated. Compensation information is not something you want everyone on the team to see.

We understand this and have designed Mailbox with a “private” feature. You can make each email thread visible to only you or a group of team members. All further communication under the same thread will maintain the same visibility. You are in full control of who is seeing what.

In closing…

Recruitee’s Mailbox is the go-to email system for your recruitment.

If you felt like you couldn’t keep track of all new emails, this is for you. If you felt like you couldn’t work with fellow recruiters seamlessly, this is for you. If you wanted to get a taste of how pleasant emailing candidates can be, this is for you.

Mailbox is great not only because it has the features you have longed for, but also because it’s connected to a recruitment platform that enables you to complete the rest of your recruitment process. It’s this one-of-a-kind solution that breaks away from the outdated standards of recruitment emails.

Everything in one place – that’s what we aim for.

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