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Recruitee’s new mobile app reduces time-to-hire

About mobile hiring

Time-to-hire is an essential metric for recruitment. Finding ways to reduce this helps your business continue to flourish with that essential role filled but also helps the candidate experience. One of the reasons for a bad candidate experience can be an interviewer taking too long to get back to them. This isn’t an easy task, though, as you coordinate with multiple candidates, for multiple job openings, and with the various hiring managers of each. Recruitee’s latest mobile release is the perfect side-kick to your Recruitee web platform to help you collaborate, plan, and hire – faster. 

3 tips to reduce your time-to-hire with Recruitee’s mobile app

  1. Set-up your day right by managing your to-do list in the morning. Manage your tasks over coffee or on the train. You’ll be ready to tackle the day when you get to the office. 
  2. Encourage your hiring managers to download the Recruitee app for easy evaluations. Studies have shown that hiring managers can take up to 17 hours to give post-interview feedback. Remove that friction for them by letting them give feedback from anywhere, at any time. 
  3. Good candidates aren’t on the job market for too long. Set up interviews quickly and easily with our one-click interview capabilities. 

New features in Recruitee’s latest mobile release

Recruitee’s latest mobile release includes: 

  • More functionality with task management. 
  • One-click interview scheduling.
  • Ability to open links directly from emails.

Download the app today and reduce your time-to-hire!



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