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The purpose behind Recruitee 4.0

The recruitment and HR tech landscape is constantly evolving. And so is Recruitee. Today we’re introducing a new look with a reaffirmed mission. Here’s a first look into Recruitee’s transformation: from us to you.

A tool for empowerment

From the early beginnings, Recruitee has always been on the side of recruiters. For our product team, this has meant building a tool that is accessible, easy to use, and fit for purpose. All companies should have the tools they need to scale their operations, quickly and comfortably. For recruitment teams, that means having a tool that gives them the power to make the right hires at the right pace.

Today, however, teams face an increasing number of barriers to making these hires. That’s why we want our users to be empowered with tools that can help them future-proof their strategy. Using data and analytics, we want to enable recruiters to move beyond immediate hiring plans, and get closer to predicting their future hires. One example of this is our brand new AI job promotion engine, which uses AI to match vacancies with the most relevant promotion channel.

As always, we believe that recruiters have the power to transform their companies through connecting with new talent. We’ve created a talent acquisition platform that helps recruitment teams do just that: attract exciting new talent, automate repetitive tasks, and predict future hiring success.

From Applicant Tracking System to a Talent Acquisition Platform

As hiring needs evolve across markets and industries, recruitment has diversified into more than just applicant tracking activities. Modern recruitment teams are concerned with tasks that lay beyond the scope of applicant tracking. They’re busy with things like employer branding, candidate experience, recruitment marketing, and candidate onboarding.

Naturally, Recruitee has changed with the teams that hire with us. Reflecting a more holistic approach to recruitment, Recruitee has expanded around and outside of our applicant tracking functionality. This is what we want to start calling a Talent Acquisition Platform.

This move from system to platform is more than just representative of an industry trend. It also comes with integrations and partnerships that help you centralize your hiring. We’re currently working with over 200 partners including job boards, background screening tools, resume parsers, and video software providers to offer a cohesive hiring experience. And there’s even more planned in the coming year to help Recruitee become the powerful center of your recruitment tool stack.

New platform, same principles

The number of activities required to maintain a successful talent acquisition strategy has grown exponentially, which is why collaborative hiring is more important than ever. Sharing the responsibility for recruitment is no longer a nice to have for companies, but a standard. And this collaboration is not possible without a tool that’s approachable and accessible to all tech skill levels.

With change, comes continuity. Staying true to our roots, we continue to offer a platform that helps our users embrace collaborative hiring and do so seamlessly across teams.

Our brand and image

With all of these changes, we believed it was time for a new look to reflect the brand that our users have come to know and love. Here’s what’s changed and a little on why.

More colors

The diversification of our offering and the holistic approach of the Recruitee platform meant that it was time to incorporate a few more colors. Six more, to be exact.

These colors are not only used to bring more brightness to Recruitee, but also to represent our three main themes: attract, automate, and predict. Each of theme has an associated color, which is followed throughout the website.



Fresh typeface

Proxima Nova is our new brand typeface. We thought it reflected a fresh and modern approach. We hope you agree. We’re also using Meta Serif as a secondary font for our day-to-day.



As part of our rebrand, we have added colorful bubbles onto our website. We wanted to give our users a feeling of playfulness and flexibility, while not distracting from the core content. The bubbles reflect our new color palette, while the base of our website stays true to our original Recruitee blue.


More visual previews

We want to make Recruitee as accessible as possible to our users. Which is why you’ll be seeing more visual previews to bring you closer to the platform’s functionality. We hope these help you better visualize your day-to-day with Recruitee.

Continuous change

As the recruitment and talent acquisition space continues to change, so will we. And like so many changes, nothing is ever final. But they do set the tone and foundations for the future. Recruitee will continue change and we hope to bring our users, and community, along with us.

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