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Recruitee retrospective: 2018 highlights

It happens every year. Once you hit December it feels as if the whole year has just flown by. If you work in recruitment, it’s easy to glance back and wonder how so many people joined your team. A lot can happen in a year, and it’s no different for us here at Recruitee.

While you may have been hard at work sourcing, selecting, interviewing, and offering the best talent for your company, we’ve been busy building a platform to help make that happen. With so many updates, refinements, and improvements it can be easy to lose track of the big projects we’ve accomplished in 2018.

Read on to learn more about what we shipped this past year:

1. Meet your best candidates face to face with Video Calls

For many recruitment teams, meeting candidates face to face is not always simple or even possible. Video Calls have become an important tool in many hiring processes. This is why we built our own in-app solution: video calling. Scheduling, inviting, and joining video calls can now all be done within Recruitee. We’ve made video calling seamlessly compatible with your workflow and stress-free for your candidates.

video interviews

2. Book candidate interviews faster with Scheduler

Scheduling interviews can be a hassle and the back and forth tedious. This year we built Scheduler to help you find time between multiple calendars- both internally and externally. There’s no need to send multiple emails or scramble to reschedule appointments. You can now send candidates a simple link where they can choose from available time slots to schedule and confirm a meeting. Scheduler will make sure everyone who’s needed is available to meet your next potential hire.


3. Get the answers you need with Questionnaires

An increasing number of hiring teams are building screening questions and candidate feedback into their recruitment processes. However, keeping track of the right question sets for different roles and steps in your recruitment process is not always straightforward. That’s why this year we added Questionnaires to Recruitee.

Now you can easily create and save custom question sets to send out to your candidates. Whether you’re asking for feedback on the hiring process or sending a tailored assessment, Questionnaires will help you add depth to your candidates’ profiles.


4. Create a more complete first impression with Video Answers

Ever wonder what a candidate is like while reviewing their application? We did too, which is why we built Video Answers. Video Answers can be selected as the response option to any question in your custom Questionnaires. For pre-screening Questionnaires, this means that you’re one step closer to meeting your candidates. Speed up your screening process by using Video Answers to test your candidates’ soft skills, presentation, and values.

5. Stay compliant in just a few clicks using the GDPR features pack

No one wants to be caught off guard when it comes to privacy or data security. But in any given hiring process, multiple people in your team will be handling sensitive data, including candidate CVs, email addresses or evaluations. Candidate data is necessary but it must also be treated carefully. That’s why earlier this year we enabled a GDPR features pack on all Recruitee accounts. Embracing privacy by design has helped our users maintain centralized control over their data and stay GDPR compliant.

6. Track your trends with advanced Reports

We believe recruitment is becoming increasingly more data-driven. But the more metrics you collect across your hiring process, the harder it becomes to monitor and report on them.  We created advanced Reports within Recruitee to centralize all your recruitment metrics and cater fully to your team’s needs. Whether you’re looking towards optimizing your time to hire or improving the candidate experience, Reports can guide you along the way.

7. Get organized with Tags

As you fill and recruit for an increasing number of positions, any system can get messy. For the organizationally oriented, Tags are a dream come true. This year we launched Tags. Add tags to easily filter, group and organize your jobs and candidates Tags can help you highlight high-profile jobs that require more attention or interesting candidates. Better yet, Tags are searchable, allowing you to find your favorite jobs and candidates.

8. Integrate your favorite tools using our new Checkr & Zapier integrations

Every recruiter has their favorite tools and task automation is now a must-have for many. Which is why we want to make it as easy as possible to build those into your Recruitee workflow. This year we introduced a couple integrations to streamline your process, no matter what kind of tools you’re using.

We’re definitely proud of our accomplishments this year, especially when it comes to the enhancements we’ve made. And we’re gearing up for another exciting year ahead. You can look forward to new features that help you attract the right talent, automate your manual tasks, and predict your next hires.

As part of an industry that is fast-paced and constantly changing, we’re deepening our commitment to innovation not just to stay ahead of the curve, but to lead a movement. Keep an eye on our website, you’ll be seeing some changes soon.

To keep up to date with the latest updates and changes, you can see our full changelog here.

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