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October 2015 Update!

The past few months were full of exciting announcements at our Recruitee HQ. We’ve launched a power search feature, secured a seed finance round, and hired a few top-notch new team members for our recruitment software. Here’s a quick update on the power search feature and candidate tags.

Power search

Storing current and future talents in a database is one of the most important things when a company scales up. We’ve noticed users struggled to browse through a vast amount of resumes and communication, and decided to create a new search feature.

From any screen, you can access your talent pool by entering the search feature on the top left corner. Insert a name or a tag, and quickly browse through your history of candidates, emails, notes, and internal communication. The search is powerful enough to find details in notes or emails that you might have forgotten where to find them in the first place.

The filters on the left can be used to narrow down your search. For instance, you can filter your search result on candidates in a job, in a particular stage, that has the tag “available”. Tags are a great way to quickly retrieve your saved talents! Other filter you can use:

  • Job stages
  • Star ratings
  • Web sources
  • Tags
  • Resumes
  • Application dates

The new power search in Recruitee: search resumes, notes, emails, and activities. More information on this feature can be found here. Tags can now be inserted below the recent activities in a candidate profile.

Saving searches

Saving your search is an easy way to create candidate segments. Simply press the button “Save search” at the bottom left corner to store your filtered candidates. Your saved searches will appear on the top menu.


Do you have any feedback or product ideas? Comment, Email us or send a tweet, and we can help research ways to make sure that your hiring headaches become a thing of the past.

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