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Introducing Single sign-on

There’s no doubt that software is changing the way businesses of every size operate. Integrating and automating key, but often mundane processes, cloud apps bring with them huge productivity benefits. But underlying their growing use are a number of challenges around user authentication.

That is why today we’re excited to announce the launch of single sign-on (SSO), so you can increase your team’s productivity while keeping your data secure. It provides an extra level of security, a smoother user experience, and ultimately faster hiring.

Managing access control to your data shouldn’t be a challenge, it should be easy. Services like Okta, G Suite, Auth0 and Microsoft Azure help you sleep better at night because they give you a single, central directory for account access while making it easy to add or remove users as needed. And we’re proud to announce Recruitee now integrates with the four SAML 2.0 compliant identity providers mentioned above.

Once activated, Recruitee users can use their own chosen one-step authentication method to log into Recruitee and access their candidate data.


Adding users to Recruitee

Single sign-on doesn’t just mean better security, it also gives you better account access management. Because your entire team is in one central directory, like Auth0, you can give your team access to Recruitee in just a few clicks.


How to set up single sign-on in Recruitee

For customers using an identity provider like Okta, Auth0, G Suite or Azure, you can request single sign-on today.

To set up single sign-on in Recruitee, navigate to Settings > Apps and plugins > Single sign-on.


If your Identity Provider provides a metadata XML file, you can click to upload it.

Before you can use SSO however, you’ll need to verify your domain within Recruitee by providing a password or verification code. We’ll reach out to you to coordinate the setup process for you.

If you want more information about setting up SSO in Recruitee, you can read this help doc or chat with us via the Messenger.

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