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Recruitment influencers: what sets them apart?

January 21, 2019


Recruitment influencers: what sets them apart?

“Recruitment influencers”. You’ve heard the term thrown around. You’ve seen several “top” lists come out yearly. In fact, we even mustered up our own (with a little twist). But what does it mean to be among other recruitment influencers? The elusive group of influencers can seem untouchable, but it doesn’t have to be.

For instance, it’s mainstream to think that to be an effective HR influencer, you have to have three things:

  1. Credibility;
  2. Consistency;
  3. and have a Following.

However, this brings forth some important questions. What equates to credibility? How consistent is consistent? What if you are consistently bad? How much of a following do you have to have to be considered an influencer?

Read on to find out what “recruitment influencers” means to our honed-in talent community, the #TAinnovators.

What makes recruitment influencers “different”?

In the days of buying followers and trading likes for likes, how do we set apart the true recruitment influencers from the others? You, the #TAinnovators, told us what you expect to see when looking up to someone in the talent acquisition community. Here is what “recruitment influencers” mean to you:

  • New, exciting ideas;
  • Deviation from the “norm”;
  • Personality;
  • Engagement;
  • Transparency;
  • Wisdom (not always experience, but sometimes!);
  • More than “just” a recruiter;
  • Excellent communication skills;
  • Introversion OR extroversion;
  • And, arguably most importantly, connection with you.

All of these factors of recruitment influencers make them worthwhile to follow on social media. But can’t you follow them elsewhere? What about press releases, in-person HR events, or personal connections?

The outstanding characteristic of a recruitment influencer is making a connection. Humans innately like to feel included. Personalization and interaction can make a huge difference between someone who is knowledgeable about recruitment and an actual influencer.

Notice that the above facets of recruitment influencers did not include one thing: followers.

Does social media following = credibility?

Should only the well-known recruitment influencers be given credit? We think not.

It can be the case on social media sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter that recruitment influencers are more trustworthy due to a large following. However, that’s just not the case. Look at any news story covering a well-known “influencer”, in any field. It often comes out that they haven’t been so trustworthy to their fans, after all.

So how do you weed out the bad seeds? Well, it may be impossible to tell on social media. It’s often the case that influencers are completely different offline than they are on their social profiles. Keep an eye out for a few things when looking for recruitment influencers to follow:

  • Honest posts (and not just about themselves);
  • Engagement with audience that appears genuine;
  • And thought-provoking, intentional messages that spark conversation.

And remember, follower count doesn’t matter! As long as you resonate with what the recruitment influencers are sending out into the universe, it’s a worthwhile connection. You never know: Your following could ignite the flame that starts their recruitment influencer-status. Keep your eyes open for individuals who post original ideas about relevant topics (not the same old, copy-and-pasted advice).

HR tech influencers vs. recruitment influencers

Topics that recruitment influencers will often broach include HR tech. All recruitment influencers should use, and be familiar with, HR tech. So, then, is a recruitment influencer different from an HR tech influencer? The #TAinnovators voted, and they are likely one and the same.

When following recruitment influencers’ advice, always use your judgement and gather several opinions on HR tech. Recruitment influencers can sometimes delve too deep into the promotional side of things. Some of their reviews may be swayed by monetary gain (or otherwise). This isn’t always the case! However, free trials are the best way to see if a system will work for your specific hiring situation.

Which recruitment influencers should be included in roundup lists?

You may have read that “influencer status” doesn’t come from an internal drive to be influential. It is thought of as something constructed by your audience. However, even if your audience is small, you may have a large impact on them.

The #TAinnovators let us know who they think of as recruitment influencers in their daily HR life:

You have the potential to become a recruitment influencer. We all do. In fact, you could be one right now!

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