Social recruiting techniques for hiring millennials

Although they get a lot of flack for “ruining” various aspects of the modern world, the truth is that millennials are not the young twentysomethings that older people tend to associate with the generation. They are defined as anybody born between 1980 and 1999.

Millennials are going to be the thirtysomethings grumbling about local youths right beside you — and donuts to ten. They will likely be the typical age group that you will find applying for mid to high-level jobs at businesses like yours.

Since so many people of that specific age group make up the hiring pool right now, how can you best reach them? What tips do you need to know about recruiting and hiring millennials to get the best applicants for open positions in your small business?

Who are millennials?

You already know the age range that millennials fall into, but when you’re trying to get them excited about working for your company, you need to use marketing techniques that speak to them. Get into the headspace of this demographic and get to know who they are.

  • The age of technology

While most Gen Z’ers don’t know the age of cassette and VHS tapes, millennials were raised in a unique world that blended both old and modern technology. The 90s saw cassettes replaced by CDs, but in turn, saw CDs replaced by MP3 players within a decade. The internet went from being something only available to scientists to an everyday staple in people’s homes.

Millennials have seen so much change in the way of technology, and have been able to learn and adapt quickly. Think about how that impacts your strategy for recruiting millennials. Do you think that the average person in their 30s is going to pick up the newspaper and scan the help wanted section when they’re looking for a job? Likely not.

It turns out that the typical baby boomer and millennial want very different things out of life. While marriage and babies were at the top of the goals list for prior generations, the younger age group finds having an education and a stable career are more important than raising a family. Today only 14% of young millennial women are homemakers compared to 43% in 1975. Family dynamics look much different today than they did in the past.

  • Seeking their own faith

It turns out that most millennials would describe themselves as spiritual rather than religious, this generation, in particular, being the least overtly Christian in American history. This interesting shift in traditional American values is something unique to millennials.

Don’t shy away from social recruiting

With the idea of technology in mind, consider how you are utilizing it to reach applicants who are looking for jobs. You already agree that print newspaper ads are outdated technology, especially for an age group that thrives using the internet for everything as it is. What are some ways to advertise a job posting online that will get the attention of the people you want seeing it?

  • Social media

Don’t assume that cat memes are the only thing that social media is good for; when your target audience saw the birth of social media, you bet they adopted it for everyday use as time has gone on. Why not create a social media post that you’re looking for new hires? This could be your ideal place to grab the attention of millennials. Some of the platforms that they are likely to be using include:

  1. Facebook. Since its February 2004 creation was smack-dab in the middle of most millennials’ teenage and young adult years, the original social media boss is still a major hub for people of that age group.
  2. Instagram. Now that they have pets, lives, and children of their own, Instagram is a fantastic platform to share pictures with followers.
  3. Pinterest. The digital corkboard is where a lot of millennial women, and some men spend their screen time. Full of interesting tidbits on any subject you can think of, the potential for a pin to live on for a long time is astounding.
  4. Twitter. Twitter is undoubtedly one of the most popular social media platforms for millennials. Find out how to recruit on Twitter with our guide.
  • Have a polished website

Did you know that 90% of consumers will check a company’s website before deciding whether or not to do business with them? This is for research purposes on their part if they’re shopping around, which also means that your website could potentially be your only opportunity to get their attention. When you create your website, think about how you can advertise that you’re hiring and looking for talent.

A splash screen is undoubtedly attention-grabbing. If you want to instantly alert the public that you’ve got open job postings, consider designing pop-up advertising. You might consider adding a link to the open postings page for ease of access.

It’s easy for a millennial to spot an outdated, poorly-built website. Perhaps it’s been a hot minute since you’ve touched your website, and it’s starting to show its age. Ensure that you’ve got accurate, up-to-date information, especially contact information.

Make sure that you’re using your blog section. You already know that this age group is a stickler for information, and they want to know as much about you as they can if they’re going to consider working for you. Your blog can be a great place to show off your personality and company culture while also showcasing what you’re up to behind the scenes.

  • Post on reputable job hunting sites

The average millennial is going to hit places like Indeed, Monster, and Glassdoor while they’re on the hunt for a new endeavor, so be sure that you’re there with a shiny new job posting to greet them when they arrive. Ensure that what you’ve submitted outlines the essential things like duties and responsibilities, what kind of company culture you have built, and what is important to your company — and yes, what the pay scale is.

Bear in mind that while making money and having a good career is important to millennials, making a difference and their mark on the world is more important to them. Pan your listing towards what kind of opportunity this is and how it helps to improve the world or community. Be honest and truthful; this aspect will likely be a make-or-break factor in whether or not people decide to apply.

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Retrain your brain about millennials

Despite claims to the opposite, millennials are not quite as destructive as the media makes them sound. Indeed, they’re introducing otherwise unheard of ideas and making changes in the world every day. When you’re looking for someone to fill a job opening at your company, you’re likely to be met with a host of applications from people falling into that age group.

Take a moment to understand the way that they grew up and how it has shaped their values and weight of importance on different things. When you’re writing a job description and hoping to find the best fit, you might be pleasantly surprised at the pool of well-rounded adults that you get.

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