Is a four-day workweek good for business?

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Have you ever considered scrapping a five-day workweek, in favor of four?

Would your business boom? Or would you see a drop in productivity

The topic of a four-day workweek has been on the radar for some time, as more companies look for ways to improve the work-life balance of their employees. While a four-day workweek is still far from common, it does seem to be growing in popularity.

For our latest podcast, we sat down with Victoria Hammond, Head of People & Operations at PCN Capital, to find out how they successfully implemented a four-day workweek. 

Key takeaways: 

  • What tools and techniques are used to streamline workflows at PCN Capital
  • The benefits that have filtered through from having a shorter working week
  •  How to support employees who may not be in favor of a four-day workweek

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