Recruitee Radio | Putting the ‘human touch’ back into recruiting

With automation taking over recruitment processes, there has been a lot of talk about how recruiters will eventually be replaced by AI, chatbots, and robotics in the future. 

While technology offers many time-saving benefits, recruitment will always be a business about people – therefore a human approach is essential, no matter how efficient automated systems are.

In our latest podcast, Katrina Collier, Facilitator, Speaker & Author of ‘The Robot-Proof Recruiter,’ discusses the importance of adopting a human-first approach in hiring to survive the age of automation. 

Key topics discussed: 

  • How recruiters can develop skills that are ‘robot-proof’
  • How to place technology in a supportive role to aid the candidate journey
  • Why ghosting is payback for blackhole recruitment
  • What recruiters can do to show they’re worthy of a candidate’s time
  • How to combine digital tools with a personal touch to ensure a human-friendly approach to recruiting


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