5 creative job offers to surprise your candidates

Everyone likes receiving and giving good news. Recruiters are no exception. Extending a job offer to a candidate after a long hiring process is exciting and fulfilling. You’re coming close to fulfilling a job vacancy and gaining a new team member.

Job offers are always a special moment for candidates and are usually a time for celebration. They also offer a great moment to enhance the candidate experience. By making the moment just a tiny bit more memorable you can really surprise your candidates and ensure that they accept your job offer. It also helps your new employees to feel welcome and motivated to start at your company.

Making your job offers stand out does require you to think outside the box. You can make your job offers as crazy as you want as long as you make sure that they’re enjoyable for your team and your candidates. Here are five creative ways to surprise your candidates in their job offer.

5 creative ways to make your job offers

1. Use gifs with your team doing something crazy

Gifs are a great and visual way to send a positive message to your candidates with. They can be made within a few minutes and there are plenty of online tools available to help make them (like Giphy). Involving your team into this is important though. The goal of this GIF is to be personal, make your candidate feel welcome, and just give them this extra push to accept the offer. It’s also fun for the team to make these GIFs and give creative input on how to make the GIF as fun as possible.


If you really want to surprise your candidate, don’t mention that give away the news in the email. Rather send them a message with a link to the GIF saying that you have a special message for them. When they click the link they will see your GIF and know that they’ve been offered the position. Tip: A little silliness can go a long way.

2. Ask them to come in and then surprise them

If you really want to surprise your candidates in the most personal way you can ask them to come in to “discuss some minor things” and then surprise them with your whole team and a big banner telling them that they’re hired.

This approach is a bit riskier though and requires more effort from both the candidate and yourself. You will need to get your team on board and get your candidate to actually come to the office. The best thing to do is to invite the candidate on a Friday afternoon so that they can join your team’s Friday afternoon social. This way both your team and the candidate can get to know each other in an informal setting and celebrate them being hired.

3. Send a custom job offer playlist

This might be one of the funniest ways we’ve seen thus far of telling your candidates you’d like them to join your team. Create a Spotify playlist with song titles that let candidates know that they’ve been hired and send the link to your candidate. A good playlist good look like this:

spotify job offer playlist

This personalized list will surely get the candidate excited to accept the job and be part of your team.

4. Send a photo of a personalized desk to them

Another awesome way to let candidates know that they’re hired is to take picture of a desk that has been decorated specifically for them. In order to do this, you will need to know more about your candidates. You can do this by sending out a survey sometime in the application process with personal questions. This information can then be used to decorate the desk with.

Here are some examples of things that you can do to make the desk look good:

  • Write the candidate name with their favorite candy.
  • Hang small images of their favorite people or things.
  • Put a nice welcome message on the desktop screen.

Decorating a desk will make the candidate feel as if you have already fully prepared your office for their arrival. This increases the likelihood of your candidate accepting your offer as they already feel as being a part of the team.

5. Send company swag to their house

If you really want to put in time and effort into surprising your candidate, you can surprise them by sending them a special welcome package to their house. This is probably the most awesome way of being told that you’re hired from a candidate’s perspective and it also serves as a huge boost to your employer brand. The package can include items as:

  • A personal card letting the candidate know that they’re hired (including the contract).
  • A company T-shirt.
  • A company branded water bottle.
  • Chocolate with the company logo on it.

It is more common to send such a package after the candidate has accepted an offer. However, doing this before could increase the likelihood of your preferred candidate accepting the offer.

Getting creative with your job offers is fun and has a big impact on your employer brand and candidate experience. Candidates are more likely to accept when they have had a positive experience, so the acceptance rate of your offers will also be positively accepted. When involving your team in this process you will also build a stronger team spirit and give the candidates a feeling of wanting to be a part of the team.

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