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Go international: say hello to multi-language support in Recruitee

May 14, 2019

Go international: say hello to multi-language support in Recruitee

Recruitee is used by teams in more than 100 countries worldwide doing business, communicating, and recruiting in multiple languages. As Recruitee becomes the foundation for your teams’ hiring, it’s become even more important for us to extend accessibility and provide a truly localized experience that works the way you do.

That’s why we are excited to launch multi-language support: you can now provide a localized experience for your candidates by showing your careers site and jobs in the languages that match the candidates you want to reach. Starting today, even more companies can use Recruitee to attract and hire international talent.

What this means for you

With product accessibility in French and German, more users can use Recruitee in their preferred language. Once your language is set, the entire product is localized: from the copy you see in the user interface all the way down to the very last button.

We’re also introducing the ability to add any other language to Recruitee so you can have your job post and Careers Site be displayed in that language. For example, if you add translations for Spanish and make that your default language, you can allow your Careers site to appear in Spanish to your Spanish visitors, in German to your German visitors, and so on.

We’ll also show you in which language a candidate has applied.

Plus, we have dedicated members of our Support teams who are fluent in our supported languages.

How to get started with multi-language

To enable multi-language, open “Company Settings” in the sidebar of Recruitee. Then select “Languages”.

Admins can select a default language for parts of Recruitee visible to their candidates such as your job posts and/or your careers site. For everywhere else in Recruitee, individual team members can select their own language preference. This means you can have your language set to French, for example, while someone else on your team uses Recruitee in German.

We hope this next step in localization provides a better experience for existing users who speak French, German, Dutch or English, while making Recruitee accessible for more users (and candidates!) across the world.

Have questions about getting started with multi-language in Recruitee? Chat with us via the Messenger or check out our docs to learn about how you can get started with multi-language.

Stefanos is the Product Marketing Manager at Recruitee. His mission is to help the company in its recruitment tech revolution by spreading the word about latest product developments.