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Talent Acquisition Innovators Radio is an interview podcast tailor-made for the Talent Acquisition and HR community. With a new guest every episode, we’ll discuss the ins and outs of the recruitment process, engaging fresh talent, managing tough internal hiring dilemmas, and the future of talent acquisition. Host Adrie Smith (Recruitee) will make sure all of your burning questions are answered. Grab a coffee and get inspired.

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Episode #1

Charlotte Sheldon is a Digital IT recruiter at Adidas, who is passionate about the candidate experience. In this episode, she joins host Adrie Smith (Recruitee) to share her expertise on improving the candidate experience. Charlotte shares personal advice for building long-lasting relationships with candidates and connects the dots between the candidate experience and your employer brand.

Episode #2

Modiara Kamps is the Global Manager Employer Branding and Internal Communications at IceMobile. Modiara joins host Adrie Smith (Recruitee) to discuss the importance of technology within recruitment and how it’s role will grow. During this session, Modiara touches upon what tech and data to use in recruitment and how listeners can tap into technology in their day-to-day!

Episode #3

Kaj Hidskes is a senior recruiter at NEWCRAFT. Kaj joins host Adrie Smith (Recruitee) to talk about customizing the candidate experience when it comes to hiring trainers and senior employees and the value it brings to every business.

Episode #4

Tomáš Haviar is a talent acquisition and employer branding specialist at Mollie. In this session, Tomas joins Adrie Smith (Recruitee) to discuss the importance of proactively sourcing talent and developing a plan. Tomas shares some personal stories on how this has been successful in the past and gives some tips on how to implement this process at your own company!

Episode #5

Adrie Smith (Recruitee) is joined by Joey Koksal, lead technical recruiter, and Kevan Gallegher, data consultant, from Dutchwebshark to discuss how to use data to optimize your recruitment. In this session, they dive into the benefits of data recruitment and tips on how you can use it yourself!

Episode #6

In this session, Siadhal Magos, CEO, and founder of Metaview.ai, joins Adrie Smith (Recruitee) to discuss using data within interviews. Siadhal shares how Metaview.io is changing the recruitment process by using conversation analytics during interviews to measure hiring success.

Episode #7

In this podcast, Bianka Hoffman, a recruiter at Takeaway.com, joins Adrie Smith (Recruitee) to discuss the benefits of using employee referrals as a tool for better (and easier) hiring. Bianka explains how to create an employee referral program to benefit the candidate and employee experience!

Episode #8

Charlie Windhorst is a corporate recruiter at Conclusion. He joins host Adrie Smith (Recruitee) to share his experience generating internal and external buy-in for recruitment. They discuss the benefits of recruitment between businesses and recruitment agencies and why there shouldn’t be a negative stigma around it.

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