Talent acquisition

TA Innovators Radio x Aquilina Beier: Hiring transformation

Talent acquisition

TA Innovators x Sjamilla Van der Tooren: Engaging sourced candidates

Employer branding

TA Innovators x Gabrielle Breau: Employer branding videos

Talent acquisition

TA Innovators x Zeynep Tunalioğlu: International hiring

Talent acquisition

TA Innovators x Eva Baluchova: Agile recruitment

Candidate experience

TA Innovators x NMBRS: Candidate empowerment

Talent Acquisition Innovators Radio

Talent Acquisition Innovators Radio is an interview podcast tailor-made for the Talent Acquisition and HR community. With a new guest every episode, we’ll discuss the ins and outs of the recruitment process, engaging fresh talent, managing tough internal hiring dilemmas, and the future of talent acquisition. Grab a coffee and get inspired.