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Recruitee sourcing extension 2.0

June 1, 2016


Recruitee sourcing extension 2.0

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Since the mega update on Recruitee last time, we have worked hard on the next baby: a browser extension for importing candidates online.

Gone are the days you have to copy-paste every detail of a candidate into docs or spreadsheets. Recruitee’s sourcing extension can help you save precious time in three ways.

1—Scout candidates

  • Use the extension by clicking on its icon on any given website.
  • Get the most relevant information for your hiring from the data the candidates leave on the websites. With popular sites like AngelList, Dribbble, GitHub, StackOverflow, Xing, the sourcing extension will find the candidates’ relevant data and auto-fill them for you.
  • Organize candidates on the spot! You can tag them, assign them straight to any Jobs and Talent Pools you have in Recruitee. You can also leave comments about the candidate for your team’s reference later.

2—Import candidates

  • All fields are filled? Just click “Add candidate.” That’s it.
  • All the candidate’s information is parsed into a candidate’ profile in Recruitee…
  • That you can check right away! If you assigned the candidate to a Job from the sourcing extension, they would get added automatically into a “Sourced” column in that Job’s pipeline.

3—Manage candidates

  • As soon as the candidate’s name and email got filled in the sourcing extension, Recruitee auto-detects potential duplicate profiles in your candidate database. You can choose to view and merge them.
  • Remember the comment about the candidate you left in the sourcing extension? It’s now in the “Team Note” area of the candidate’s profile for your hiring team to follow up!
  • You can now email the candidate, follow up with your team, or save the candidate in a Talent Pool for future opportunities.

Spend less time copy-pasting, have more time engaging! Try it now:

Free sourcing extension for Chrome →

recruitee sourcing extension

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