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Recruitment Insights: Impraise gives tips on proactive recruitment

Every now and then, we join one of our users for lunch to find out more about their recruitment process. This week, we visited Impraise, where Arnoud, Steffen, Filipe and Bas hold office with their 12+ team.

Impraise is a Y-Combinator backed startup in Amsterdam. They make it simple to give and receive actionable, timely feedback from your colleagues. ‘Mobile 360 degree feedback software’, is what they like to call it, and they aim to allow you to track your professional life the same way you track your morning run. Coming from the US, Berlin, and Lisbon, the team landed in Amsterdam.

Could you tell us a bit about the way you recruit?

“We separate between marketing and development. Arnoud is responsible for positions that are related to development, while Gintare, Steffen and Bas take care of marketing spots. Typically, we post our open jobs on 2-3 job boards. For technical positions, we scout on several sources as well. When the first candidates apply, we do an initial social profiling via Connectifier and put them in our ATS. After the first screening and background check, we invite them for a Skype talk. Our team then collaborates on the finalist in the ATS.”

What are the most useful sources for you?

“We scout talent on GitHub, Stack Overflow and Twitter. For interns, we mostly use DutchStartupJobs, Heysucces and Techmeabroad. It doesn’t happen often, but refferals also take up some of the sources that we get candidates from. When posting on job boards, we use Stack Overflow and several niche sites depending on the particular job opening.”

Recruitee allows the Impraise team to track the sources of their applicants, and this helps them improve their hiring process.

How do you plan to grow the team?

“We currently have 12 people on the payroll, of which 8 are full-time. We plan to grow to 15-20 people this year, which will be more or less our maximum for a while. We expect to be able to execute most of our plans with this group. We very much value the input of all team members, and encourage employees to think as a recruiter if they spot new talent. We expect that referrals might take up a big chunk of our new hires in the next year.”

How do you attract new talent?

“We started off with a remote team, but decided to move to Amsterdam and centralize the whole team in one location. The company culture is quite important for us, which is why we moved to a new office together. Working remotely can work for some teams, but personally we noticed that we were more productive sitting together. We like to invite others over for a party once in a while, creating a cool image that people would want to be part of.”

Hard work makes for a hungry team, and here they are dining at the Impraise headquarters in Amsterdam.

Any hiring tips for other fast-growing companies?

“Start recruiting even if you don’t have open spots! It can take a great deal of time to find the right candidates once you need them, so make sure you start looking for new talent way ahead. Especially developers can be hard to find, so ideally keep a watch list of talent that you can approach later. We try to keep in touch with people that do not fit at this time, but who may want to join the team in a later stage. Send an email, invite them for a party. Just keep them in the loop.”

We’d like to thank the Impraise team for giving us this view into their company and the way they hire. We wish them the best of luck with their future growth, and we’re sure they’ll go a long way!

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