The impact of remote work on developers

Recruitee Radio · TA Innovators Radio x OfferZen: The impact of remote working on developers

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2020 has truly shaken up workplace dynamics. Today, workers aren’t tied to office location constraints, and creativity and productivity aren’t tied to working a set number of hours in a single place. This is especially true for developers. 

In this podcast, we sat down with Stephen van der Heijden, the VP of Growth at OfferZen, to discuss its 2020 Developers Remote Work report.

We closely examine the power of distributed teams and online collaboration, why it’s here to stay, and what this means for developers.   

We also discuss key findings from OfferZen’s report, including: 

  • How developers feel about remote working and how it impacts their decision to accept a job offer
  • What companies need to do to adapt and build thriving tech teams in the ”new normal”
  • How can companies optimize their setup/tools and resources when it comes to remote work for developers
  • A look at some training programs, tools, resources, or plans that can help support developers and the remote working setup

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