The secret of talent sourcing from your own website

Nearly one in four job applicants can be sourced from your company website.

You probably pay to post job adverts to every corner of the Internet, but do you realize how many people you could be getting from your own website? Are you overlooking one of your most valuable hiring sources? You might be, without even realizing it.

We recently talked about ways to improve your careers site on your company website, but we did a little more research into the reasons why this is such a successful channel to use.

Talent Sourcing from your company website

Amsterdam-based startup CrowdyHouse has been quite successful in hiring large teams, so we looked at the sources their candidates were coming from. Even though they’re posting on multiple sites and job boards, we could see that over 23% of job applicants were coming directly from their website.

They have an attractive career site, and it’s directly attached to their homepage. Some of CrowdyHouse’s candidates decide to apply for a job, and some wind up buying something from their website. The connectivity and the ease of their careers site leaves everyone with the strong impression of happy, healthy, growing brand.

So how do they actually do it? How can you turn your website into a successful sourcing platform? Here are three tips to get more job applicants submitting directly to your site:

1 — “Now Hiring” widget

You can put a convenient little widget on your site that will let your audience know immediately that you’re hiring. It won’t block their view or disrupt their experience in any way, but it will be noticeable enough that they may realize you’re a company who is looking to hire.

This can turn customers (people who already like your brand) into employees.

Just be cautious about being too aggressive with this tactic. If it’s too flashy or disruptive, it might scare away some of your applicants and customers. Classy and minimal can still be noticeable.

2 — Have a careers site

A careers site can be a real cornerstone of your website. This dedicated page for jobs can give you the opportunity to educate visitors about what its like to work for your company, and lets potential applicants view open positions. Whether you have one or are looking to build one, there are a few guidelines that are always helpful to follow to ensure the best results.

This is a great (and simple) way to show potential employees how much you care about the people who work for you.

3 — Link to your site

Once you have a career site, make sure people can find it. Whenever you post your jobs on LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, or any other job sites, make sure to give a link back to your career page. A link across platforms will help applicants get to know your company and employer brand, and view other roles that they might be suitable for.

You can still advertise the openings on your own site without sacrificing diversity. You can spread links across job boards, internet ads, and social media, but make sure they have the opportunity to get back to your site!

In need of more sourcing inspiration? Read our Sourcing Strategies Playbook, where our three experts discuss the cutting-edge sourcing techniques you need to know about!

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